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Lady and the Vamp by C.C. Wood

Title: Lady and the Vamp
Series: Mystical Matchmakers #2
Author: C.C. Wood
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Paranormal RomCom
Release Date: May 23, 2022

Astra may be a Valkyrie, but on the battlefield of love, she can’t win.
Every man she dates is boring, intimidated by her, or treats her like one of the guys. She has nothing against beer and wings at a sports bar, but to be wined and dined once in a while isn’t too much to ask, right?
Between her mother's “suitable” Vikings and the supernatural dating service, Mystical Matchmakers, neither seem to be able to get it right.
Rune is a good-looking, successful vampire. The only people he kills are in the books he writes, yet every relationship he has seems to fizzle before he takes it to the next level.
Desperate for something deeper, he joins Mystical Matchmakers, and is immediately smitten by the tall, beautiful Valkyrie. Their first date is fantastic and Rune just knows that she’s perfect for him.
Until he hits an unexpected obstacle—her family.
Can their relationship survive a fight with the people Astra loves the most?

Born and raised in Texas, C.C. Wood writes saucy paranormal and contemporary romances featuring strong, sassy women and the men that love them. If you ever meet C.C. in person, keep in mind that many of her characters are inspired by people she knows, so anything you say or do is likely to end up in a book one day.
A self-professed hermit, C.C. loves to stay home, where she reads, writes, cooks, and watches TV. She can usually be found drinking coffee or a cocktail as she spends time with her hubby and daughter..


THE PROJECT by R.L. Mathewson

Release Date: May 20

From New York Time’s bestselling author of the Neighbor from Hell series comes a heartwarming romantic comedy about the only thing that matters when you’re about to lose everything that you’ve ever wanted.

The one person that you can’t live without.
She should probably mention that she had no idea what she was doing, but since that would probably result in her new boss, Devyn MacGregor, CEO of Carta Hotels and the incredibly handsome man that didn’t look like he knew how to smile, firing her, Andi Dawson decided that it would be in her best interest to keep that fact to herself. After years of doing a job that had slowly destroyed her will to live, she needed a change, something different, something that gave her a clue about what she was supposed to do with her life, but more importantly, she needed to figure out how she was supposed to keep a secret that could destroy the only thing that mattered to her.
Just. One. More. Time.
Devyn was so close to having everything that he’d ever wanted when everything suddenly went to hell. He should have seen this coming, should have stayed focused, and he really should stop thinking about the small woman that he should probably fire. He had four months to fix this and he had no idea how he was going to do it, but he knew that he was about to make the biggest mistake of his life.

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Meet R.L. Mathewson
New York Times Bestselling author, R.L. Mathewson was born in Massachusetts. She’s known for her humor, quick wit, and ability to write relatable characters. She currently has several paranormal and contemporary romance series published including the Neighbor from Hell series.
Growing up, R.L. Mathewson was a painfully shy bookworm. After high school she attended college, worked as a bellhop, fast food cook, and a museum worker until she decided to take an EMT course. Working as an EMT helped her get over her shyness as well as left her with some fond memories and some rather disturbing ones that from time to time show up in one of her books.
Today, R.L. Mathewson is the single mother of two children that keep her on her toes. She has a bit of a romance novel addiction as well as a major hot chocolate addiction and on a perfect day, she combines the two. 

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NO SURRENDER by MORGAN BRICE @gaybookpromo @MorganBriceBook


Book Title: No Surrender: Badlands Book 5 - An MM Psychic Detective Romance Adventure
Author: Morgan Brice
Publisher: Darkwind Press
Cover Artist: Natania Barron
Release Date: April 22, 2022
Genres: Urban fantasy MM paranormal romance, psychic detective
Tropes: Hurt/comfort, established relationship, evolving relationship, learning to trust, grumpy-sunshine, cold case, ghosts helping/interfering, lots of magic, wedding planning
Themes: Found family, loyalty, not keeping secrets, dealing with unresolved issues, putting the past to rest
Heat Rating: 4 flames
Length: 224 pages
It is a standalone book in the Badlands series and does not end on a cliffhanger.

Cold cases, hot leads, a psychic psychopath, a copycat killer, cursed objects, the trial of the century--and wedding plans.

Psychic medium Simon Kincaide and sexy homicide detective Vic D'Amato met hunting a supernatural serial killer. Since then, Simon has become a police consultant on cases involving the paranormal, and Vic has gotten over his doubts about Simon's abilities being real. Along the way, they fell in love and got engaged. But it seems like the danger never ends.
Now, the first case Simon and Vic worked together comes back to haunt them as the killer goes to court and all hell breaks loose. The killer has a crazy fan setting curses on key players in the upcoming trial. Ghosts from an old cold case suggest that someone got away with murder. And a supernatural creature attracted to fear and death is using the Grand Strand as its feeding ground. Simon and Vic feel like they’re waging a war on all fronts, but with the stakes so high, there can be No Surrender!

No Surrender is a fast-paced thrill ride MM paranormal romance packed with supernatural suspense, haunted tourist attractions, monsters, visions, hot sex, hurt/comfort, loyal friends, wedding planning, found family, ghosts galore, dark magic, and an evolving, established romantic relationship with all the feels.

No Surrender is Book 5 in the Badlands series but can be read as a standalone.

“Since when do serial killers get fan mail?” Homicide detective Vic D’Amato fumed. “How fucked up is that?”
“They don’t just get fan letters; they get marriage proposals,” his
partner Ross Hamilton replied, shaking his head in disbelief. “I don’t get it, but that doesn’t stop it from being true.”
Vic took a slug of coffee from his stained mug and barely kept from grimacing at the bitter taste. Hospitals and police precincts always made the worst java. “I guess it’s like the people who follow all the true-crime podcasts. We get paid to be hip-deep in the worst humanity has to offer, but doing it for fun? People are weird.”
“You’ve been a cop for how long, and you’re just figuring that out now?” Ross teased.
Vic shrugged. “Every time I think that I’ve lowered my expectations too far, reality says—‘Here, hold my beer.’”
“Yeah, well. I’m right there with you on this one.” Ross chuckled. “Have you heard whether you and Simon will have to testify at the trial?”
“Pretty certain. Of all the charges, Fischer shooting Simon is the most ironclad, with plenty of witnesses,” Vic replied. “I’m not in any hurry to be part of the media circus, but I don’t see a way to avoid it.”
“Lucky you—the Slitter trial is shaping up to be the biggest deal Myrtle Beach has had in a long time.”
Vic grew up in a family of cops back in Pittsburgh. For generations, D’Amatos had been proud to serve. His father, brothers, and other relatives were still on the force up north while his sister was studying criminology. But an encounter with something supernatural Vic couldn’t explain had made him unwelcome with the Pitts‐ burgh police. Vic had relocated, started over in Myrtle Beach—and met the love of his life.
“I don’t want to put Simon through what happened the last time,” Vic confided.
“Not sure you’re going to have much choice about it.” Ross finished his coffee and set the cup aside. “The closer we get to the trial date, the more reporters will be angling for a scoop. I’m surprised there haven’t been some camped out in front of the store already.”
“I suspect Simon boosted the wardings against nuisance as well as malice. I tried talking him into going down to Charleston to spend some time with his cousin, but he flat-out refused to leave me here alone during the run-up to the trial.”
“Alone—with me and the captain and the rest of the department, plus a squad of lawyers and witnesses?” Ross joked.
“And not one of you with any magic, in a trial where the killer used spells to help him get away with murder,” Vic answered. “Simon doesn’t want to be in the spotlight—or the crosshairs—but if it comes to that, I don’t doubt he and his friends will come up with ways to protect us.”
Simon Kincaide, Vic’s fiancĂ©, ran Grand Strand Ghost Tours. The boardwalk shop also offered psychic readings and sĂ©ances, showcasing Simon’s abilities as a psychic medium as well as his knowledge of the spooky side of local history and his background as a former folklore and mythology professor.
When an impasse in the hunt for the Strand Slitter brought the investigation to a standstill more than a year ago, Vic tamped down on his deep skepticism about the paranormal and asked for Simon’s help as a psychic. Their first encounters with each other were prickly, and Vic accepted much of the blame for that since he had doubted Simon’s abilities and hated needing his help.
Simon turned out to be the real deal, and his visions plus the ability to communicate with the ghosts of the Slitter’s victims cracked the case—nearly costing Simon his life. In the year since then, Simon became an official police consultant, working cases with Vic and Ross when a supernatural connection seemed likely. Vic and Simon fell in love and now had a wedding to plan.

About the Author
Morgan Brice is the romance pen name of bestselling author Gail Z. Martin. Morgan writes urban fantasy male/male paranormal romance, with plenty of action, adventure and supernatural thrills to go with the happily ever after. Gail writes epic fantasy and urban fantasy, and together with co-author hubby Larry N. Martin, steampunk and comedic horror, all of which have less romance, more explosions. Characters from her Gail books make frequent appearances in secondary roles in her Morgan books, and vice versa.
On the rare occasions Morgan isn’t writing, she’s either reading, cooking, or spoiling two very pampered dogs.
Series include Witchbane, Badlands, Treasure Trail, Kings of the Mountain and Fox Hollow. Watch for more in these series, plus new series coming soon!
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FALLEN KING by Bella Matthews

Playing nice with the enemy isn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be.
But can I survive falling for this King?
Fallen King, an all-new red-hot age-gap, workplace standalone romance from bestselling author Bella Matthews, is available now!

Long live the King
Growing up as the oldest Kingston sibling, I knew what was expected of me.
King Corp. was my legacy, and my siblings were my responsibility.
The world was ours for the taking. For the living.
But I neglected to live it for myself . . . until her.
Daphne Brenner wasn’t meant to be part of the deal.
I never intended to acquire a new assistant with my new hockey team, but here she is.
Constantly challenging me. Continually Intriguing me. Never backing down.
Even if I’m the villain in her fairytale.
He stole my legacy, and now he holds the key to my future.
When he sold our family’s hockey team to Max Kingston, my father destroyed my dreams without a second thought. And that was only his first betrayal.
Now I have to play nice with my new boss in order to carve out my new future.
But when long days and late nights lead to so much more, I realize I’m falling for the intensely arrogant, beautiful man who quietly puts everyone else’s needs before his own.
Playing nice with the enemy isn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be.
But can I survive falling for this King?

Grab your copy today or read FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

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“We shouldn’t do this, Miss Brenner. You work for me.” The words feel like acid leaving my mouth as everything south of it rebels at the idea of rejecting her. But I refuse to be the guy who takes advantage of the situation.
She untangles her hands from the front of my shirt and runs them up my forearms. Her fingers trace the lines of my tattoo. Her dark-purple nails are a stark contrast to her pale skin.
Nails that would feel amazing scouring my back once we’re both stripped of our clothes. “I do work for you, Mr. Kingston. And you know what the one good thing my piece-of-shit father did for me was?” Without giving me a chance to answer, she leans closer, bringing her lips to the shell of my ear and dropping her voice. “He gave me a twelve-month contract. You can’t fire me for an entire year. We might as well have some fun. I promise you, nothing needs to change. You’ll still drive me crazy Monday morning.”
“I’m not looking for a girlfriend, Daphne.” She’s saying all the right things. But when something seems too good to be true, it usually is.
“Good. Because the last thing I need is someone else who thinks they have a say over the way I live, Max. I’ve had enough of that to last a lifetime.”Her eyes dance between mine. “And I’m not looking for it now.”
I move closer, erasing any space between us. “Are you sure?”
My entire body riots at the idea that she could change her mind. But I ask it anyway because it’s the right thing to do.
Daphne nods her head with a beautiful smile on her lips. “Words, Miss Brenner. I need to hear the words.”
Excitement is hot.
But consent is fucking sexy.
Her fingers tighten on my arms. “I’m sure, Mr. Kingston. Now get me out of here.”
I reach into my pocket and pull three-hundred-dollar bills from my wallet and throw them on the bar. “Hey, Sawyer.” I wait for him to look up. “Can you tell Becks to catch an Uber back?”
Sawyer looks between Daphne and me and raises a brow. “Yeah. I’ve got ya covered.”
I frame Daphne’s face in both my hands. “Do you need to text your friends?”
“I’ll do it from the car.”
“No, baby. You’re going to be doing other things in the car. Text your friends.”

About Bella
Bella Matthews is a Jersey girl at heart. She is married to her very own Alpha Male and raising three little ones. You can typically find her running from one sporting event to another. When she is home, she is usually hiding in her home office with the only other female in her house, her rescue dog Tinker Bell by her side. She likes to write swoon-worthy heroes and sassy, smart heroines with a healthy dose of laughter thrown in.