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His Sinful Obsession by Liz Fox

His Sinful Obsession by Liz Fox is Available Now!

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About His Sinful Obsession

She’s his best friend’s daughter. He’s watched over her for years. Now that she’s grown up, will their love have a chance?
His Sinful Obsession is a steamy, short romance with a curvy, younger woman and a possessive older hero. It is the fourth book in the Now You’re Mine series.
I’m not sure what I want to do in life, but I dream of making music.
When my dad’s best friend moves in with us temporarily, everything changes.
He’s hot, older, and hits all the right notes.
But can something that feels so right be so wrong?
As a former MMA fighter, I know how to go after what I want.
And what I want is my best friend’s daughter.
She’s curvy, sexy, and makes me want to pin her to the mat.
Now I just have to convince her that she belongs with me.

This is a Sweet, Steamy Short Story Romance. No Cliffhangers. This is the fourth in the Now You’re Mine series, but it can also be read as a standalone. If you love short romances with steamy sex scenes and a sweet love story, then you’ll love this book. 

About Liz Fox
Liz Fox writes short, sweet, steamy romances. They feature curvy women and the alpha men who fall in love with them. A curvy woman herself, she has a special place in her heart for happily ever afters. 
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SOMEBODY 2 LOVE by Maria Vickers, with an Exclusive Excerpt!!!

Author: Maria Vickers
Publisher: Self-Published
Cover Artist: Maria Vickers
Release Date: March 22
Genre: Contemporary MM romance
Trope: May/December
Themes: Finding yourself, rediscovering your dreams, learning who you are
Heat Rating: 2 flames
Length: 57 432 words/ 190 pages
It is a standalone story.

Love isn’t about losing yourself.
Will the past come back to destroy everything they are building? Two strangers meeting by chance, searching for somebody to love, and finding each other.
Rhys had it all…for the most part. He didn’t mind leaving people or dreams in the past because he was determined to carve out a new future with his fiancĂ©, Nick. But like a house of cards, it all came crashing down around him. Nick found someone else to love, and Rhys suddenly found himself with nothing. Will Rhys open his heart again or keep it sealed shut?
Declan experienced a lot as an Army doctor, but once he was able, he got out, tired of war and suffering. When he meets Rhys, Declan sees a brokenness in the other man’s eyes and wants to do anything he can to drive away Rhys’s ghosts. Even if it means risking his own heart.

After the party, I went home and sat in my apartment, staring out the window, watching the storm move in and the trees blowing in the wind. Rhys confused me. When I’d arrived, I’d been determined to convince him leaving was his best option. I wanted him to pack up and move out, yet in a twist of fate, I barged in on him and attempted to convince him to stay.
I didn’t know what it was that made me change my mind, but my instincts were screaming at me that deep inside, Rhys was a good guy who had shit luck. But it wasn’t only that, there was something else. Something he held back. Something he didn’t share with others. I didn’t have proof and didn’t know him at all. I was only listening to my gut.
No, it was more than that. I couldn’t get him out of my head. Everything about him filled my thoughts. World-weary and heartbroken at his age, he hadn’t let it completely defeat him. Yes, he was knocked down, but he wasn’t done. If he were, he wouldn’t have tried to tear into me. He was still present, and that said a lot about him.
After I’d dropped the tray of food off, Baker and I joined everyone else in the backyard or kitchen, laughing, playing games, and having fun. I didn’t see Rhys again at all. Baker snuck off while I was playing horseshoes with Finn, and he and Rhys left the party. It shouldn’t have bothered me, but it did. I should forget about Rhys, but I couldn’t.
It was his eyes. His damn green eyes. There was a saying that the eyes were the windows to the soul, and in his case, I agreed with that wholeheartedly. They showed everything, but there was even more hidden in their depths, pulling me in. What was it about him? Unlike Baker, he didn’t remind me of a sibling, didn’t remind me of a fuck up I wanted to save. But I recognized that glint in his eyes. I’d felt it once upon a time, too. That overwhelming belief that everything was good and right in the world, that you could make a difference, and then life shit on your parade.
I’d never lost someone I thought I loved, or maybe I had. There were a couple of guys I had dated, I could have sworn I’d loved at the time, only for us to separate and go our separate ways. Every time it happened, I realized quickly that I never loved them because they were so easy to let go of. No, for me, it was war. You would get close to someone, knowing we were all putting our lives at risk out there, and they would show up on your table. You couldn’t save them all. I couldn’t save them all. There were many nights I dreamt about them, and more times than not, I woke myself, gulping in air as I tried to erase the vision of me drowning in a sea of red.
Baker always wondered how I could still work as a doctor at all, and I’d asked myself that question several times. The only answer I could come up with was it was my calling. I couldn’t explain it, but being a doctor, saving people, helping them to overcome whatever was ailing them was part of me. When I tried to leave it, it sat inside me, urging me on, begging me to return, but the red and the screams haunted me too much to do it more than part-time.

Maria Vickers is a bestselling and award-winning author who currently resides in St. Louis, MO with her pug, Spencer Tracy. She has always had a passion for writing and after she became disabled in 2010, she decided to use writing as her escape. Life is about what you make of it, you have to live it to the fullest no matter the circumstances.
From a young age, she has always loved books and even dreamed of being an author when she was younger. Growing up in the Navy, she used to weave tales for her siblings and her friends about anything and everything. And when she wasn't creating her own stories, she had a book in her hand. They transported her to another world. She hopes that her readers will have the same experience when reading her stories, and that, in some way, they can relate to her characters.
Getting sick changed her life forever, but it also opened doors for her that she thought would always be out of reach.

Torn Ties Tour and Giveaway!

Torn Ties
by Nadia L Braeckel
Genre: Steamy Romantic Suspense

How can a relationship that starts for all the wrong reasons feel so right?
That's the question Natalya Zaher keeps asking herself. After all, her daily routine isn't usually so dramatic...or so damn hot. By day, she works at a local men's clinic, fending off advances from dirty old men and dealing with her boss's angry tirades. By night, she sits at home, watching Twilight. Life has been remarkably routine - and lonely - until a chance encounter with a handsome man at the gym turns unexpectedly steamy. The only hang up? He's already in a relationship. And Natalya wants more...much more.
Alex Bowman isn't sure what he wants. His long-term relationship has been slowly losing its luster. The sex is dull, and he's growing frustrated with feeling controlled and demeaned. So when he meets the alluring, radiant young Natalya at the gym, he's intrigued by her charm and upbeat nature. And when he discovers her sexually adventurous nature, he can't stop thinking about her...and just how right their relationship seems to be.
But Alex's girlfriend doesn't intend to let her man go without a fight, and she's certainly not going to play fair. Even worse, Alex has been keeping secrets that threaten not just to destroy two reputations...but threaten to break Natalya's heart too.

Set in the heart of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Torn Ties is a roller-coaster ride of danger and desire that leaves the reader breathless to the last steamy page.

Nadia L. Braeckel loves reading and writing romances with spice. The daughter of a Lebanese father and a German-American mother, Nadia sees the world through a unique lens and has a vivid imagination that gives life to her steamy romance characters. Taking inspiration from real-life scenarios, Nadia spins passionate, dramatic stories that leave readers breathless and wanting more, even as they root for the characters to get their happily-ever-after. Torn Ties is Nadia’s first book, and she’s already busily at work on the second in the series. She resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with her husband and son. 
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Cover Reveal!! Haven by Harper A. Brooks.

Title: His Haven
Author: Harper A. Brooks
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Cover Designer: Trif book design
Publication Date: May 13th, 2021

She was never meant to be his…
Avrum Brenin should have died in the same fire that claimed the lives of his mother and brother. Instead, he was granted immortality by the powerful vampire, Lord Henri. Under his diligent care, Avrum revels in the world’s most lavish splendors. But as payment for this extravagant lifestyle, he must look after Haven, Lord Henri’s human rescue. A task that proves far more complicated than it seems.
After stumbling onto Haven barely clothed and bound at the wrists, Avrum discovers that Lord Henri may not be the salvation he once believed. While the more time he spends with Haven, the more determined he becomes to protect her.
When the passion between them ignites, Avrum finds himself caught between honor and loyalty. Will he stand with the man who rescued him? Or risk it all to save the woman who captivated him?

From USA Today Bestselling Author Harper A. Brooks comes a reimagining of her fang-tastic paranormal romance, His Haven!

His Haven is now a standalone vampire romance.

Harper A. Brooks lives in a small town on the New Jersey shore. Even though classic authors have always filled her bookshelves, she finds her writing muse drawn to the dark, magical, and romantic. But when she isn't creating entire worlds with sexy shifters or legendary love stories, you can find her either with a good cup of coffee in hand or at home snuggling with her furry, four-legged son, Sammy.
She writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance.
RONE Award Winner
USA TODAY Bestselling Author
International Bestselling Author

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The Man Before You Tour and Giveaway!

The Man Before You
Grand Mesa Men Prequel
Shalana Battles
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Time may not actually heal all wounds, but love just might.
Eloise's husband was dead and she wished she were too. She quit going to work, refused to answer her phone or her front door, and shut out the people who cared about her. She felt imprisoned by her tainted memories, but couldn't escape her own home or recliner, because she had to focus on breathing.
Six days after she buried her husband, Jack pounded on Eloise's door. Jack, a man she hadn't seen or spoken to in over a decade. Jack, the only man including her husband, who Eloise felt truly knew her.
Jack's life hadn't been without its fair share of loss. Breaking contact after Eloise's marriage had seemed the best thing for them, but regret tortured Jack when Eloise swung open her door and he saw the shell of the woman he once loved.
Eloise pushed Jack away ten years ago and never expected him to come back into her life. She hated herself for wanting Jack to stay, but she couldn't help but remember the love they once shared and the life that they could've had—or the life they could have now.
The longer Jack stayed, the more he realized Eloise blamed herself for not being there when her husband died. Jack wanted a second chance, but Eloise didn't think she deserved one. Eloise wanted to find herself, but wasn't sure she could while dealing with grief, Jack's deployments, PTSD, and a universe that seemed determined to keep them apart.

A Second Chance Standalone Romance

Shalana Battles is a YA/Adult writer who tells stories about love…sometimes with witches and ghosts. Her debut novel, SOUL JUMPER released October, 6, 2020. Be the first to hear about upcoming projects and book updates by signing up for her newsletter below!

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Love’s Lawyer by Janice Jarrell @gaybookpromo @Revolut35174972


Book Title: Love’s Lawyer
Author: Janice Jarrell
Publisher: Self-Published
Narrator: Walker Williams
Release Date: March 4, 2021
Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance
Themes: Law school stress
Heat Rating: 4 flames
Length: 8 hours and 42 minutes
It is a standalone story but also part of a group of books

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Would law school do what a drug lord’s bullet could not - hand Colin Campbell the bitter defeat he never believed he’d have to face? Or would the man he loved find a way to draw him back from the abyss?

Colin Campbell had been a champion all his life. Nothing had ever beaten him, not even a drug lord’s bullet. He approached law school the same way he approached everything in life, with cocky confidence fizzing through his veins like ginger ale. He had it all. He had the looks, the brains, the experience, the know-how and he also had the love of his life at his side. He couldn’t be defeated... he thought.
But he hadn’t counted on the gravitas of law school, the reading, the preparation, the cases, the competition, the Socratic Method, the concepts, the grading curve, the expectations, the finals, memos, study groups, outlines... all of it piled and heaped upon those preparing for a career as an attorney until it wasn’t surprising that some of them simply imploded under the weight of it all.
Suddenly Colin was spinning out of control, scrambling to keep up, rarely ever seeing Joshua. His grades slumped as he tried desperately to balance the opposing forces in his life, but his only solution was stretching himself thinner and thinner, until he feared he’d be torn in two. Joshua pleaded with him to slow down, but Colin refused to lighten his load and the path before them grew darker and darker.
They’d been through so much and survived. Would law school do what a drug lord’s bullet could not - hand Colin Campbell the bitter defeat he never believed he’d have to face?
Or would the man he loved find a way to draw him back from the abyss?

About the Author
My name is Janice Jarrell. I am a retired grandmother who lives in Seattle, WA. I have two children and three grandsons. I’ve been writing gay romance since I was twelve years old, only back then it wasn’t called ‘gay romance’. In fact, it had no name at all. It was the fifty’s, and it was worth your life to admit to being gay, let alone confess to being a girl who constantly fantasized about relationships between gay men. Hell, I didn’t even know what a homosexual was. I lived on a farm out in the sticks in a tiny Michigan village and I’d never, to my knowledge, even heard the word. I just knew I loved the thought of boy on boy romance. I just knew that there was something hot going on between Tom Corbett and his Space Cadets and all those guys on ‘Combat’.
I wrote slash fanfiction for 30 years, writing over 337 stories, some as short as 100 words (a drabble) some as long as a series which was over 119,012 words. I enjoy writing my stories. I enjoyed the feedback I received from my readers. It was a creative release I’d been searching for my entire life and I blessed the Internet for leading me to this artistic oasis for my spirit.
Love’s Magic was my very first step into writing my own characters. I will always be grateful the slash fanfiction community for nurturing the budding author until she was ready to blossom into a fully realized novelist. It’s been an amazing thing to watch the gay community’s growth over these past twenty years. My own journey has echoed theirs in many ways, and I’m grateful to all those gay activists who fought to give the gay community the rights and privileges they always deserved.
My second contemporary gay romance novel, Love's Trials followed Colin and Joshua on their journey as men and as a couple. The readers who fell in love with them in Love’s Magic were thrilled to see their romance continue to grow and blossom, but were forced to watch our beloved boys go through some pretty traumatic trials in this book, trials which nearly shattered their relationship. But their love proved stronger than any troubles in the end and they now move forward into the happiness they know they deserve.
In Love’s Glory, Colin and Joshua bask in the happiness that eluded them in Love’s Trials. If you’re looking for a book filled with anger, fear, and anxiety... look elsewhere. Love’s Glory is about just that... the glory of love and the continued growth of these two extraordinary men and the amazing friends who are a large part of their lives.
I’m also grateful to the gay romance community, readers, authors, publishers and promoters, who are making these, my retirement years, the most creative ones of my life. When I'm not writing, I'm traveling, walking, hiking, knitting, crocheting, and weaving, and enjoying my life here in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. 

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SEDUCTIVE PREY by Vivian Fiano is LIVE!!!!!

SEDUCTIVE PREY by Vivian Fiano is LIVE!!!!!

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Officer Grant Summers, a Boston cop, grew up needing law enforcement as the child of a drug addicted mother, and has sworn to pay it forward.
Jordan Smith enlists in the Army National Guard as a means to pay for school with the hopes of running her own dance studio some day.
When a crime is committed at her job, and Grant—Officer Summers—comes to the rescue, he jumps at the chance to pursue Jordan and a relationship. Their attraction is off the charts, but as their relationship begins to blossom, they discover they’re both being watched.
The threats are pouring in and the clock is ticking as Grant races to save Jordan from the man who has made her his seductive prey.

Vivian enjoyed reading as a child and found her passion for it again in 2011 when E.L. James' Fifty Shades of Grey was released. Her love of reading was re-ignited and she continued reading other books in the same genre. Married to her own real life hero, Vivian met her love in Massachusetts where she was born and raised. She and her family now reside in sunny Florida and when she's not writing she enjoys playing soccer, basketball, and football with her son.