Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lynsay Sands- Bite Me If You Can (book 6)

This book is about Lucian and Leigh and they are the main characters of this book but my FAVORITE vampire in the series is all over this book. I can’t mention his name yet b/c a friend of mine is still reading the books and we have a little bet going about whether or not she will be able to pick out my man or not. So the book starts with Lucian, who is of course an Argeneau but what makes him different from the others is that he is the oldest vampire in the family- he is like the Head Vampire. He is a Rogue Vampire Hunter and sits on the Vampire Counsel. He is the Uncle to all the Argeneau vampires. His twin brother was married to Marguerite. He is old and settled in his ways- some of his family even think he is just mean and grumpy but dang he is over two thousand years old.
Leigh is a young woman who has had a rough life but now she is an owner of a bar. She is walking home one night and a vampire attacks her and kidnaps her. One of the vamps that kidnap her is a man “Donny” that is obsessed with her, he changes her against her will but Lucian and his two co-workers (haha) rescue her. Lucian takes Leigh back to Marguerite’s house hoping she would take care of her through her change but Marguerite is leaving to go out of town to work her first case as a P.I., so that leaves him to take care of her. He tries to teach her how to get blood without getting to close to her. But they do end up falling for each other but neither one will admit it. Lucian still has to find the rogue vampire that escaped from him earlier when he was rescuing Leigh.       My Rating: 4.5

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