Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lynsay Sands-A Bite to Remember (book 5)

Vincent Argeneau, cousin to Lucern, Bastien, Etienne and Lissianna. Vincent lives in Hollywood and is an actor. He mainly does plays but owns production companies in LA, NY and Canada. Vincent was staying with Bastien in NY when he met Terri because he was the lead in the play Dracula the Musical- LOL how funny is that??? When Vincent’s play gets shut down due to someone sabotaging the set and feeding off the actors he goes back to LA. Bastien sends his P.I. Jackie Morrisey to help Vincent find out who is trying to ruin his company and his life. Jackie shows up with her partner, Tiny, and he is not anywhere close to being tiny. Jackie does not trust or like immortals, she only works for them because her father was a P.I. that also worked for Bastien and she took over his company when he died. Jackie had been used by an immortal when she was young and never got over the feelings of being used and violated. Jackie and Vincent do not get along at first but all the accidents happening around them draw them closer together. The immortal that is sabotaging Vincent tries to kill Jackie by tearing a big wound into her neck, Jackie then bites the person holding her and swallows some of the vamps blood and that is how she is turned. Lily, the immortal that is trying to ruin Vincent stabbed the VP of his company, who was human so Vincent used his one and only turn on him. It all worked out with Jackie actually turning herself when she bites Lily. Vincent admitted that he loved Jackie and she finally admitted she loved him and so the ended up together. Yes I know all the stories have basically the same story lines and every one of them gets their HEA but that’s what I like about them and is why I keep reading them.  My Rating: 4.5

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