Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lynsay Sands- The Accidental Vampire (book 7)

Ok this book cracked me up- it is about Victor and Elvi. Elvi was accidentally made into a vampire while on vacation with her girl-friend. In all of these books when someone changes they change into what their body & blood feel like is their optimal age so she was older when she changed but after the change she was young again- in her late 20’s early 30’s I think. Her friend she was with got her back home to the States and the whole town took care of her. They had blood drives for her!! Now that is funny. Since there was not another vampire around to teach her the rules she thought that she had to do everything the vampires in movies or on tv do- sleep in a coffin, give up food, stay out of the sun and all the other crazy things “Hollywood” vampires do. Her friends kept getting older and all worried about her so they put out an ad in the paper looking for a male vampire- LOL. See what I said about this being a funny book. Well male vampires started showing up to meet Elvi but at the same time someone started trying to kill her. Victor and D.J. were two of the vampires that showed up to check out the female vampire advertising for a mate. Elvi did not know anything about the ad. In these books there are lifemates- those are the vampires that can not read each other or control each other. All the male vampires came to the restaurant and tried to read Elvi, a few left or were thrown out but the others stayed and stayed with Elvi and her friend at Elvi’s house. Victor and the other males decided to teach Elvi the real ways of the vampires. Victor and Elvi fell in love and actually caught the person trying to kill her. I could go into the reasons behind them trying to kill her but I don’t want to ruin the book for anyone. Lucian arrived and found out about Elvi and ends up making Victor stay in the town with her since they are lifemates. Oh yeah and D.J. finds his lifemate too and it is very funny!! My Rating: 4.5


  1. Well, this book was good but left a lot of unanswered questions. What about Edward and Dawn, Alessandro and Mrs. Ricci, and Harper and Jenny? What did DJ and Mabel decide about there future? I know that DJ and Mabel love each other but, where will they go, live? How will Vincent feel about his father coming around after all these years? I will be upset if I don't get to read the answers.

  2. You will get some answers in the next book but not for everyone. Mainly the answer about DJ and Mabel will be answered. But I would never count the others out about popping up in future books. Vincent gets some answers about the past.