Friday, November 6, 2009

Lynsay Sands- A Quick Bite (book 1)

 I started this book as filler in between a few other series that I was reading- ugh waiting on the next book in a series to come out is always so hard for me. I loved this book- so much so that I actually put off reading my new release books I had been waiting for to read the entire series.
There a few things I need to explain first- yes this is another vampire series- Ha! Like I read anything but, well these vamps are a little different from other vampires- they can go out in the sunlight, most do not suck blood from humans (I will explain more on this later) and they can read and manipulate people’s thoughts. Ok that being said lets start- The Argeneau family- Marguerite (the Mom) is over 700 years old and has 4 children- Lucern, Bastien, Etienne and Lissianna- A Quick Bite is Lissianna’s story. Lissianna starts with her celebrating her birthday. She is one of the vampires that are allowed to actually feed off humans because she faints at the site of blood- Ha-ha I know very funny. All but two of her relatives feed off of bagged blood now. When Lissianna can not feed herself her Mom hooks her up to an IV. Marguerite came up with an idea of kidnapping a psychologist to help Lissianna with her phobia; Marguerite ties the kidnapped doctor up to Lissianna’s bed. Lissianna came home to find a man tied up to her bed and thought it was a birthday present from her Mom. Greg the doctor tried to talk her into untying him but she was sexually attracted to him and they started to get busy when her family walked in on them. Greg was not a present but was also attracted to her so he said that he would find another doc to help her. They fell in love and she turned him- this was a great story. Lissianna gets staked in the chest by a priest from the shelter she works for; the priest and another man also kidnap her and Greg. Even though they can be in the sunlight it depletes a lot of their “nanos” and their blood works overtime regenerating to keep them alive. They get saved and end up together for eternity.
A few side characters come into play in this book, Thomas (the cousin) love him, very funny vamp, plus she has a close friend and some other cousins that come into town for her birthday. I definitely recommend this series to everyone- great story, great sex and great laughs My Rating: 4.5


  1. A gift like that for your birthday has to be every woman's dream!!!

  2. I wish someone loved me enough to give me something that good for my birthday

  3. NOW how in the hell do you expect me to write a comment when you put pictures like MY ACHERON on here, LOL! They are so hot. My mind just went blank! OMG!.................................................................................................................... I still can not remember any words,.. I.... I just want to look for awhile,Hhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  4. Don't lie you were licking the screen too!!!