Monday, November 30, 2009

Lynsay Sands- Bitten by Cupid (book 13)

 Oh how I wanted so much more out of this story- yes I know it was an anthology but I just LOVE Tiny and wanted more!! Tiny the not so tiny P.I. that has been working with and for the Argeneau family was giving another assignment but this time he would be working with a partner that Marguerite picked out for him. LOL we all know what happens when she puts a human and vampire together. The chemistry is powerful from the very beginning between Mirabeau and Tiny, with the two of them working together to get Stephanie to safety. Stephanie is a young vampire that was kidnapped and changed over by a no-fanger who is still out to get her. Stephanie has certain abilities already that most of the older vamps worked years to get. Traveling the tunnels underneath New York is not the happiest place for a new vamp or better yet a mouthy teenager. Mirabeau helps Stephanie with her recent tragedy while Stephanie helps her get over her tragic past. When Mirabeau finally opens up to Tiny she realizes that he is her lifemate and that is where the book ended and with me wanting SO MUCH more- but like always I know LS will give me what I need soon!! My Rating: 4

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