Monday, November 30, 2009

Lynsay Sands- The Immortal Hunter (book 11)

This is Decker and Dani’s story. Decker is of course an Argeneau- he is another cousin to Bastien and the others. We first met Decker in the previous book when Mortimer and Bricker stayed at his cabin while hunting a rogue vampire. Since Mortimer was with Sam now they moved into a new Enforcers headquarters. Decker was on vacation when he was called in to help find a rogue vampire that kidnapped Dani and her sister. Decker managed to save Dani but the rogue got away with her sister. Dani is a doctor and has lots of questions about how and why Decker heals so quickly. Decker and Dani are each others lifemates. Sorry this is a very quick run through on what my simple brain can remember today. But I do remember one thing- my favorite vampire is in this book too!! My Rating: 4

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  1. This book, as all of them, is good, but...... It makes me sad that Dani and her sister were turned by the insane rogue. They have no fangs and there is a one out of three chance that should they have a baby, that it will be ok (a third are stillborn and a third are insane). This is really bad for Dani because she has been thinking about becoming a mother the last few years. Now Decker and her may never get that chance.