Friday, November 20, 2009

Lynsay Sands- Rogue Hunter (book 10)

 Ok as you can tell we are starting the Rogue Hunter books- LOL. In this book we have a lot of characters but the main story is about Samantha (Sam) Willan and Garrett Mortimer. Mortimer is a Rogue Hunter which is: An Immortal who protects the world from renegade vampires. Mortimer and Justin Bricker worked with Lucian before he met his lifemate Leigh. Mortimer and Bricker go to Cabin Country because of a rumored rogue vampire kidnapping woman. Decker Argeneau lives in the area so they go to stay with him to make sure he is not the rogue vampire. While there three sisters are staying in the cabin next door to Decker’s cabin. Grant who is another immortal lives year around on the other side of the sister’s cabin. When the guys first see the sisters they are skinny dipping in the lake and Mortimer is not impressed with Sam. He realizes that he can not read her but fights it because she is not his type of woman- she is a flat chested, skinny lawyer-haha. Decker shows back up at his cabin so Decker and Bricker start asking around about the incidents while Mortimer deals with Sam and their newly forming relationship. Jo and Alex who are Sam’s sisters keep pushing Sam towards Mortimer. Again not to tell too much- they find out who is harming the woman and Mortimer and Sam kinda end up together in the end- key word here “kinda” My Rating: 4.5

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