Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lynsay Sands- Tall, Dark and Hungry (book 4)

Bastien Argeneau- the second oldest son in the family, the son that stood up and took control of the family businesses when his father died in a fire. Bastien is living and working out of the New York office and spending time with his brother Lucern and soon to be wife Kate. Kate’s best friend and cousin Terri is flying in for the wedding but decides to come two weeks early to help with wedding and spend time with her cousin. Lucern and Kate live in a small apartment so they ask Bastien if Terri can stay with him for a while since Terri can not afford to stay in a hotel for 2 weeks. Bastien is living in the family’s large penthouse so he agrees to it. Kate’s co-worker Chris is going out of town for a romance novel convention but he has an accident and Kate has to go in his place. Lucern goes to California with Kate and that leaves Bastien with Kate and Chris then bastiens cousin Vincent shows up saying that Marguerite has ok’d for him to stay in the penthouse too. Vincent is one of the rare vamps that have to feed off of humans to survive because he has a rare condition and needs the enzymes from fresh blood. He feeds off Bastien’s housekeeper, wipes her memory, then feeds of Chris and gets caught so the housekeep quits. Bastien is a workaholic and everyone is surprised when he takes time off work to show Terri around New York. They fall in love but she has been hurt in the past with her husband dying plus she notices an IV pole, blood and meds in one of Bastiens refrigerators. She overhears his family talking about his condition and she thinks he is dying so she leaves during the wedding reception and flies home to England. He goes after her and tries to tell her the truth about what he is but he does such a bad job she tells him she will have to think about being with him even though she loves him. Lissianna goes to England during her honeymoon and explains that she is a vampire now too and that things are not that bad. Terri quits her job, sells her cottage and moves to New York to be with Bastien- great story and also just as funny as the others. My Rating: 4.5

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