Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Allyson James- Dragon Heat (book 1)

Lisa and Caleb. Lisa was married and divorced, but when her grandmother dies she moved back to San Francisco b/c her grandmother left her the apartment. Lisa knew that all her life her grandmother told her about dragons. So really Lisa was not too shocked when she found Caleb a real golden dragon living in her guest room. Three witches controlled Caleb with his true dragon name so they had him watching Lisa b/c they knew she had great power and they wanted to own that power, besides the witches there is a black dragon after Lisa too- Malcolm. He has been cursed to the human world and wants to use her power to go back to Dragonspace where the dragons live. One of the witches that has a hold on Caleb ends up being controlled by Malcolm, her name is Saba. The head witch tires to hurt Lisa more and Lisa discovers she is a silver dragon which is the most exclusive and magical dragon. Lisa helps Malcolm go back to Dragonspace and they work together to kill the witch. Caleb is a golden dragon that is a warrior dragon and Caleb and Lisa fall in love- awww two dragons in love but tricky part is that Lisa is still half human so Caleb has to rely on Saba to help him become human but when Lisa is a Silver Dragon she can keep Caleb human while he is with her.  My Rating: 4

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  1. wow your pics are HOT HOT HAWT!.. ok back to caleb.. i love how protective he is.. and i love the HAIR!