Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Allyson James- The Dragon Master (book 3)

Seth and Carol- Carol is Lisa's best friend from childhood but she does not believe in dragons until one shows up in an alley one night and wraps his human hands around her neck. He wants to know why she called him and she insists she did not call him. Seth is a Red Dragon a dragon rare like the Silver dragon, that can call fire. Turns out that Carol is a dragon master and can call all dragons to do her bidding. She controls Seth's name and can not seem to let it go. She is able to call Caleb, Malcolm and Lisa but can let their names go easily. Carol's mother was a dragon master too but was killed when Carol was a child by the Order of the Black Lotus. There is another dragon master that really called Seth and he is Carol's relative that was trapped in a glass box for 1000 years with a demon god. To kill the demon god Carol has to pull all the fire from Seth into her and control the other dragons. Once Seth is finally released from Carol he goes back to Dragonspace and Carol goes to find him to let him know she loves him and that she is pregnant. Seth almost dies in the fight at the end but Lisa holds him in a silver bubble until Carol can get to him to give him back his fire essence. Once Seth is back to normal they leave Dragonspace to go and live in San Francisco. Good book with a happy ending but I still like Malcolm the best!! Ratings: 4


  1. You have added a few new yummy pictures. Great eye candy!! I don't want to read ahead but you sure make it hard with all this temptation. Oh YES!!!!!!!!!

  2. I LOVE Seth Wildness ... he was so wild.. and i loved that... yes malcolm was my favorite but I'll take all three of them.... at one TIME!