Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Alexandra Ivy- Beyond the Darkness

Salvatore Giuliani, the King of the Weres, is not having a great day. He gets knocked out, kidnapped, then wakes up hours later in a tunnel with Levet. To me that scene is one of the funniest in the whole book. I just adore Levet- downside of this book is he is barely in it. So we know from the previous books that Salvatore was working with the DNA of the female Weres to keep them from shifting during the full moon so they could sustain a full term pregnancy- well there was a litter of four female purebloods born 30 years ago and he has been looking for them. They located two who are now mated with the vampires- Styx and Jagr. Salvatore finds the third sister and guess what- yep she is his mate- don’t cha just love it when they are mated?? Harley is the third sister, she has been held captive by Caine, a pretty crazy Cur, for the last 30 years, the whole time being told how horrible the King is and how he killed her sisters. Caine thinks he is going to be turned into a pureblood Were with the help of his crazy Master (Briggs) and his Master’s Master (Demon Lord) - you following me?? Salvatore gets one whiff of Harley and he is a goner- he follows her, gets trapped, she talks to him after Caine told her not too so Caine traps them together, Levet rescues them so now they are on the run. Salvatore and Briggs have a long nasty history that only complicates things for Salvatore- he is trying his best to woo Harley. Salvatore gets help from the vampires; Harley meets one of her sisters, Darcy. King Salvatore is such an arrogant man but you can read the honest and true feelings that he is developing for Harley. Of course if takes her longer to come around to the mating than it does him, which I don’t understand why- again me + him= white on rice!! He’d only have to ask me once to be his Queen!! Now Tane made an appearance in this book- Yum-O his book is next and I can not wait- looking forward to his smartass mouth!!!
My Rating: 4.5 Stars

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