Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Alexandra Ivy- Darkness Revealed

Two hundred years ago, Conde Cezar met and drank from Anna Randal that was the night both their lives changed forever. Anna woke from that night with her life in shambles, first she woke up alone, second she went home to find her house burned to the ground with her only family dead inside and third she felt feelings inside that told her she was in danger and to run. Anna has lived all those long years alone blaming Cezar for making her immortal, she leaves her home in LA to confront him in Chicago. Conde Cezar was in Chicago for a benefit when he smells an all too familiar smell, one that he has dreamed of for almost 200 years. The night they met Cezar was taken by the Oracles and punished for drinking from Anna, whose destiny was to become an Oracle. Oracles are only born once a millennium so the Commission enslaved Cezar to protect Anna until she was strong enough to use her extraordinary powers. Morgana, the Queen of the Fairies killed her brother and has been killing all of her brother’s relatives for hundreds of years because her Seer said her destiny was to die by the hands of her brother King Arthur’s relative. Anna and Cezar are on the run from the hit men or hit fairies that were sent to kill Anna. Being alone for 200 years has Anna afraid to admit the truth about what she honestly feels for Cezar. He has never forgotten Anna and is willing to risk his life to protect her from Morgana but in the end it is Anna who opens up her heart and risks her life to save the vampire that she loves.  My Rating: 4

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