Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Alexandra Ivy- Darkness Unleashed

Many years ago a young and powerful Visigoth warrior was captured and tortured for 300 years. Jagr woke from the darkness to realize he was now what he despised- a vampire and no longer a fierce ruler of his people. He was imprisoned and tortured by an evil female vampire for 300 years for crimes that he had no memory of, he bares the scares and memories of those long painful times and just how he sought his revenge. Coming to the United States, Jagr remained alone and kept to himself but was a member of Viper’s clan and also was under the leadership of Styx. Styx’s mate Darcy was separated from her three sisters at birth but was able to locate one sister, Regan. Regan a strong female Were has been enslaved to a torturing Imp her entire life, 30 long years she has been kept in a small silver cage. With the help of Salvatore she escapes her hell but sets out on a journey alone to seek revenge on the Imp that mistreated her for so long. Styx orders Jagr to St. Louis to find his sister mate to make Darcy happy. A local pack of Curs are after Regan so Jagr and Levet have their hands full protecting Regan and trying to convince her to come with them back to Chicago. Regan is wounded in a fight with a Cur so Styx returns her to Chicago to heal, Jagr also returns alone to Chicago. Regan gets the independence that she longs for but is it what she really wants? With the help and love of family and friends Regan opens her eyes and heart to what she wants most in her life- Jagr.  My Rating: 4.5

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  1. I could not get enough of this book- I adore Jagr- he is so much like my favorite vampire of all time- Z. He is funny and but arrogant at the same time. Now Regan was not my ideal female character but she sorta fits him. He is a strong male character that reminds me of Z, Talon and Tegan all rolled up in one.