Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Alexandra Ivy- Embrace the Darkness

Viper-who is more than 1000 years old, is the leader of his vampire clan- the Clan Chief in Chicago. Only one vampire is higher ranked than Viper and that is the Anasso. The Anasso is the oldest ranking vampire, what he says is law to all vampires. Shay is a Shalott demon that Viper met when she saved his life while they were both fighting the witches to help Dante and Abby. A Shalott demon’s blood is a very powerful aphrodisiac for vampires and is the reason the Shalott demons were thought to be extinct. Shay was sold into slavery to the witches by a Troll by the name of Evan who holds her curse. If Evan dies then Shay dies but he is still able to sell Shay to the highest bidder. Once the witches did not own Shay anymore she was put back up on the auction block and was bought by Viper, who could not get the demon out of his mind. Thinking that owning her as a slave would help him get over his obsession of Shay but once he bought her other demons started chasing her. Viper’s old friend Styx was one of the demons after Shay. Viper and Shay work together to find out who or what is after her. Shay has had a long unhappy life alone and is not willing to open her heart to trust Viper, her only friend is a gargoyle named Levet.  In the end Viper discovers who wanted Shay and the reasons behind the death of her parents and her curse. Once Shay opens up to the silver haired vampire she finds that love can actually happen in her life.  My Rating: 4.5

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