Tuesday, April 17, 2012

JR Ward- Dark Lover (book 1)

Black Dagger Brotherhood-Wrath, the last purebred vampire, shuns his birthright as King to his race. His life is dedicated to the Black Dagger Brotherhood, an elite group that fights the evil of Omega and his troops of de-souled humans called the Lessers. Beth, half human, half vampire, has no idea of her heritage and that she is about to come to a crossroad in her life called a transition. Most humans don't make it through this moment of time, when their body transforms to the vampire world. Darius, a beloved Brother, is killed by a carbomb on the night he asks Wrath to help his daughter through her change by giving her his strong royal blood. To honor his Brother, Wrath helps Beth step into this new world, but is not expecting for her to also step into his heart. When vampires mate, they bond for life, and Wrath never wanted that for himself until he met Beth.
Thrown together with a whirl of challenges and emotions, the road they take is rough. Wrath helps Beth to accept her fate and what she is. In turn Beth shows Wrath that he must find peace with his past (and the death of his parents) while looking ahead and taking control of what he was born to do, lead his race. (written by Wickedh)


  1. When this series was recommended to me I thought- well ok I will give it a shot- why not- then I started to read the book and could not get into it- I tried- I mean really tried to like it. I put the book down for a few days then started over again and could hardly put it down. Wrath just sucks you right in when you aren’t looking. Tall, dark and grumpy (lol) I mean what’s not to love? His first time with Beth- smokin HOT-T. Hook, line & sinker- I was a goner for him. To not want to rule as King because of his condition and his guilt but to step up and take the responsibilities and to do them right- that is what makes Wrath the true King of the Vampire race. With Beth’s help he is able to see his past is just that- the past and the guilt he felt was misplaced. I think Darius asking Wrath to help Beth through her transition was the perfect choice- Wrath never planned on falling in love with her but who ever plans something like that? Having a strong female at his side is what this Blind King needed. (lol & George on the side)

  2. Wrath started it all.. dark tall and sexy, stubborn and mean.. but once he got warmed up.. he was too hot for words...

  3. Beth is a strong independent woman, but is rather alone in the world. Once they meet, it's like fireworks. It takes a lot for them to open up to each other even though they know there is some high-intensity chemistry going on. J.R. Ward not only introduces the members of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, but she also shows you the vampire slayers (Lessers) point of views...which is completely different from other books that I've read. It makes the book more interesting, keeps the plot moving and gives the reader a clearer picture of the world the author has created. The only thing that I found wanting from this book is to read the next book. I hope that this review helps...Enjoy!