Monday, February 8, 2010

JR Ward- Lover Avenged (book 7)

Black Dagger Brotherhood-In the shadows lies more than one intertwining dimension. Races unknown to the human world walk amongst them in the night without detection. Vampires, Moors, Fallen Angels, Lessers, Chosen and the shunned Symphaths cross the paths of human lives without ever increasing the beat of a human heart. Yet, in these shadows are full stories of living, loving beings that share hope, love, pain and sorrow. Pimp, drug dealer, the ultimate secret that he is half Symphath are details about Rehvenge's life he hides for the sake of his mother and beloved sister who is the mate to Zsadist. In his mind they are to always be first, no mater what the cost. The walls that he had built begin to come tumbling down as layers of the truth are revealed to the outside. Blackmailed and tortured Rehvenge gives up to all for the sake of many, despite his ability to manipulate and drain others of their emotions. A nurse struggling to take care of her sick father, Ehlena who is sheltered and admirable, lives each day with a conscientious mind to do what is right. Helping the one that has crept into her unconscious heart and soul, slowly plunges the descend of her life beyond comprehension. Losing all, she takes a risk that her heart knows is a valid exemption to the rule. Her love for this male overrides her genuine moral benevolent dynasty. In the end she allows herself to fall without regret, clinging to the optimism that her love is divulging the truth that she feels is above all. (written by Wickedh)


  1. Loved Rehv. from the first time he was mentioned- I felt there was so much more to him than what he was showing the world. To go through what he did just to protect his secret and his family was gut wrenching to me. Lavender eyes and a barb- come on, isn't that every girls fantasy??? Ok maybe just mine- sick little thing that I am!!

  2. rehv shot up my list when i read his book... plus i love the barb