Tuesday, April 17, 2012

JR Ward- Lover Awakened (book 3)

Black Dagger Brotherhood-Opposite ends in the spectrum of life is where they stand. So many differences that blind their eyes to the truthfulness carried within. Guided by the love Bella has in her heart, a test begins that will either bind true love or destroy the tortured male she reaches for completely. Beautiful, strong, and compassionate, Bella with no hesitation opens herself to understand the perception Zsadist holds and is accepting to take on the pain this warrior festers within his soul. Unequivocally in giving herself, she clings to the hope that she can extend beyond the rejection he can only give to her as he walks on the edge of sanity. Suffering with scars that go deeper than his skin, Zsadist's agony portrays him as a dangerous offensive evil. Even as part of the Brotherhood, he stands alone in his sinister ways. For a century he was abused and kept as a blood slave, now Z feels only excruciating unworthiness within himself. Anger and rage blanket the true suffering and misery he holds deep within as he turns her away. But as the wheels are in motion, Bella is seized by the enemy. With only a glimmer of hope, Zsadist becomes obsessed with finding and returning her to his world, his arms, and his shattered heart before it is to late. When and if he brings her home, will it be everything he needs to open his heart and love someone else but most importantly will he finally be happy and feel he is worthy of true love? (written by Wickedh)


  1. FAVORITE BROTHER- OMG how I loved this story!! Zsadist belonged to me the very first time he showed up in Wrath’s story. A loner that was wounded not just physically but emotionally as well- he just screamed to me. Being a blood slave, used, tortured, sold for his body and raped for over a 100 years- this man has every right to be standoffish and violent. For a woman like Bella to love him anyway was absolutely beautiful. For him to be the first in the Brotherhood to become a father was fantastic- he knew he was loved by his Brothers but he knew they feared him too plus feared for him. When his world was turned upside down with Bella being kidnapped it made him finally open his heart to something, something that he feared he would destroy with all his pinned up anger and hate but to work through that to get what he wanted only to have it leave him was hard for me to read. But he stepped up and realized what he needed to do to get it all back and doing it just proved how much of a good man he really is. I love this story- I think out of all the books and series I read he is by far my favorite character.

  2. I love Z almost as much as phury.. I dont see them as different as most does.. Z had a hard hard life and had a hard time dealing with it.. But it also shows the good i was saying about Phury all the things he did for his brother to have a whole life and be loved