Tuesday, April 17, 2012

JR Ward- Lover Enshrined (book 6)

Black Dagger Brotherhood- A dedicated warrior, with a loyal vow of celibacy, Phury plants the needs of others before himself. No sacrifice is to much, even severing his own leg to save his enslaved brother. Giving of himself is the way he cloaks the evil wizard's penetrating echoes that lie beneath his skin. Little by little the wizard's voice clasps control over his tortured spirit and drug addicting death wish with his whispering drive. With the role of Primale now designated upon him, Phury sustains a significant life changing realization that takes him to a fork in the road creating a rippling effect. Splintering like fragments of shattered glass, the destiny of fate for many lives are forever altered. The transformations threading a light on faces and feelings that compound the origin of this journey.  She is taken from her home, and another dimension to give herself to the Primale. Cormia, chosen above all others to be his first mate, the one to start the trend of many young to be brought forth and build the future race. Shielded in Sanctuary all of her life, she is now thrown into a new beginning. Filled with fear and bewilderment, her heart swells with unforeseen love in his presents. Holding back, Cormia hopes that Phury will on day reflect this adoration and yearning she has, wanting to win his love and not his pity. (written by Wickedh)


  1. I have to say out of all the books so far this was my least favorite- I liked Phury but I didn't care for the storyline with the Wizard. Phury was awesome with his love and care for everyone else, but he never felt worthy in his own eyes and to me that was just not right. His love for his brother showed in everything he did for Z & Z's family.

  2. Phury will always be my top brother.. I have always loved him in all the books before his own.. I was sad they changed him the way they did for his book.. Phury is one of the most loyal giving brothers there is.. and I feel he is owed his story to be told over or to be corrected ..