Tuesday, April 17, 2012

JR Ward- Lover Eternal (book 2)

 Black Dagger Brotherhood- Having it all isn't all that he needs. Extraordinary looks, strength, speed, and all the women as he desires, along with reckless ways that are out of control, flip this Brotherhood warrior in a tailspin when a curse is flung upon him by the creator of the Vampire world. Now Rhage must govern the beast that lives within him to prevent the release of a violent destruction the dark dragon can induce. The leukemia, in remission, is again knocking at her door. Her body a desolate shell, now holds only apprehension, and diffident feelings. Mary Luce is perplexed by the attention, and captivation, this Hollywood type male has for her. With a guarded shroud around her heart, Rhage bears his pleading soul and is determined to pursue the one woman he loves, the one woman that can calm the angry beast within, at any cost, even defying the Brotherhood. A paranormal arena, swirled with many emotionally complex lives, surrounds these two as they learn the lessons that take them on a journey to find each other's outreached hands before it's too late. But in the end, feeling the depth of bonded devotion, Rhage begs to take on an eternality of burden to save the life of the dying human he worships, even if it means he can never see, or touch her again. He is willing to go on in a living death, not wanting to draw a single breathe because of the hideous pain that fills his being to be without her. In the end it all comes down to what the Scribe Virgin thinks is best for the two of them- can their love triumph over death?  (written by Wickedh)


  1. Rhage I think was the funniest Brother out of all of them- his sense of humor and one-liners was great. To be so funny but to have such an enormous heart made this book an easy read for me. His pain and fear that his Beast was going to hurt Mary or one of his Brothers weighed heavy on his big heart. Knowing that he was willing to sacrifice everything for this one woman was stunningly beautiful- how many real men would sacrifice anything for a woman?? Mary was a much needed addition to the Brotherhood- her patience and skills as a teacher for Zsadist showed just how much of a kind hearted soul she really is.

  2. Rhage always sits high on my list of favorite brothers.. sexy and funny, willing to give up everything for his shellan