Tuesday, April 17, 2012

JR Ward- Lover Revealed (book 4)

Black Dagger Brotherhood-In the darkness of night intertwined in the streets of the human world, a war rages on in the shadows. The raging evil of the Omega stands firm against the devotion the Black Dagger Brotherhood has for the vampire race. Good against evil the Brotherhood prevail in their fight to defeat the enemy, to bring peace to their race. Butch O'Neal fights a never-ending war in the circle of his own existence. Happiness and peace is something he knows will never be a part of his mortal life. Fate, like a tornado touching the ground, sucks the path of destruction that lies before him, and throws his life into a new origin with no choice of his own. Never being able to go back, Butch holds on to the sliver of hope that this is where he belongs. Facing challenges beyond human comprehension, Butch battles and endures tests that a mere man could not withstand. The long road he looks down gives no guarantee, but somehow along the way the power from evil to good is twisted inside his soul. Guided by the Brotherhood, a new beginning for Butch and the vampire race commence. His being is filled with belief, trust and conviction for his Brothers in arms, yet his heart is empty and hungry for the one beautiful female that looked to him for love but he always thought would be beyond his reach until their worlds finally come together as one. Now the future posses everything for Butch, friends, a new family to cherish, and a woman, with a bonded love only for him. (written by Wickedh)


  1. OK first I can not say how difficult this story was for me to read- NOT that I didn’t love it, I just wanted more- more from a real relationship between Butch and Vishous. I don’t have a problem with the M/M thing. There were so many ways to read some parts of this story- if you just opened your eyes and heart you can see that there is real love between the two of them. It was no secret that V loved Butch a lot more than the other way around, and it also was no secret that V had willing & unwilling been with other men. Butch no way- I don’t see it happening ever in his life before V. From the first day they met it was a special relationship that went beyond Brothers and roommates. I think my favorite scene between the two of them was during the ceremony when V bit Butch and Butch pulled him closer even with all the other Brothers watching- WOW that one scene spoke volumes without even really saying much. Does that make sense to anyone but me?? Oh the one liners in this book- Priceless!!!

  2. For some reason Butch never stood out to me.. other then V's maybe..lol .. but i did like a lot of scenes for this book...