Tuesday, April 17, 2012

JR Ward- Lover Unbound (book 5)

 Black Dagger Brotherhood- Barbarous and brilliant, destructive, dexterous, and debauchee, Vishous carries a complex nature that point him toward the path of a tormented end. A complex past seeks the unraveling of his soul with anguish and cruelty. Flashes of painful memories consume his mind and dismantle his powers. As the downward spiral gains speed, V's life is slammed with a truth that is almost more that he can bear. A human doctor becomes intertwined into his dark world and shows him true love that pulls him from the ledge he teeters upon. Helping him to understand himself, Jane reaches out and embraces Vishous with an intimacy like no other. Letting go, and finding trust and adoration was not an effortless task. As V's heart warms with this new acceptance, destiny dissolves it away in an instant when the enemy of the vampire world takes Dr. Jane Whitcomb's mortal life. Asking for what he needs has always been hard for Vishous. Now in this moment of desperation everything changes. A higher power of the race is his only hope. The same higher power he feels deserted him in years of the past. Now there is no boundry, no sacrifice, as to what V will do to bring back the woman he loves only to find that the one power that can help, denies him once again. The Scribe Virgin must obey the rules stationed upon her. Now in a living Hell, V lays silent in grief, knowing there is no more,... or is there? Vishous looks at his hand and feels the Scribe Virgin has given him a curse, but maybe it is the key to Jane. (written by Wickedh)


  1. I really liked V- the tormented tortured soul that he is- the S&M- the man love- the all seeing eye and the gloved hand- what more would you want from your man??? Doc Jane was not my fav female in the series but she def was not my least fav either- I think she balanced V's life and was head strong enough to keep him under control. They work well together- in and out of the bedroom. Finding the few answers he needed about his past and who he really is was just what he needed at that time in his life. I personally think V & Butch are more than friends and I am very much OK with that- LOL

  2. V was alittle hard for me to get use to.. i know i'm one of the rare ones.. everyone seems to love him.. I was very happy when they kept V and butch as very CLOSE friends instead of taking it there