Thursday, January 7, 2010

L.A. Banks- Bad Blood (book 1)

In this book we meet Sasha Trudeau and her “pack” of guys that she works with. Rod Butler is the leader of their Black Ops, Special Forces Unit for the U.S. Military. They are actually in a group from the Paranormal Containment Unit (PCU). In this group there is Butler, Trudeau, Woods & Fisher, all four have to take daily injections that the head doctor, Dr. X. Holland developed for them. Each person in the unit thinks they were exposed to a contagion when they were young. This contagion was infected Demon Werewolf blood but it turns out that not everyone in the unit was exposed to the infected blood. When each members gets close to their 25 birthday they are sent on separate missions or 2 together missions due to the fact that in the past most of the others from the Unit have turned full Demon Werewolf on their birthday. Butler is the first to turn and then all hell breaks loose. Sasha is sent to Asia alone and meets Shogun, who turns out to be the Alpha pack leader for the Asian Werewolf Federation. She comes back to the States to learn that Butler has turned and that her other pack brothers are missing. While out searching for clues she runs into Max Hunter, who is the Alpha Pack leader for the North American Shadow Wolves. Shogun had already explained to Sasha the differences between each clan, there are the Shadow Wolves who can change from human to pure wolves at any time and jump from shadow to shadow, Werewolves who can change from human to werewolf but only during the full moon and then there are the Demon infected Werewolves who eat human flesh and can not control their transformations during the full moon. Hunter and Sasha hook up and he falls hard for her saying she is his “lifemate” something that she can not admit too, but he was raised as a Shadow Wolf and knows “the way of the wolf” and she was raised human and can not just commit to someone for life after a few days. Ok that is the main setting of the book- lots happen with Hunter and the contagion, Sasha’s pack brothers, Dr. Holland, Silver Shadow (who is an elder in Hunter’s clan and also his Grandfather), Shogun and demon-infected werewolves. Oh yeah to describe Hunter- 6’5” with long black hair and well muscled- that alone should make you want to read the books

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  1. Max HUNTER is F_cking hot and loyal... he has it all.. except for me.. too bad he stock with