Thursday, January 7, 2010

L.A. Banks- Cursed to Death (book 4)

Sasha and Hunter are together but Shogun has not given up. He still wants her but went home with his tail between his legs. He dreams of her and still howls at the moon in pain with want for her. In this book someone or something has put a dark magik spell on everyone around Sasha. The dark spell is making everyone angry and horny (lol) Hunter wants Sasha and is willing to kill his pack brothers and Shogun if they come in between them. Sasha is angry at Hunter about everything. They are asked to come investigate the death of a Phoenix by Sir Rodney. Sit Rodney finally admits that their fae magik is slowly disappearing. Sasha and Hunter escape into the Shadowlands and figure out while there they are not angry or upset with each other. Bradley and Clarrisa search New Orleans for clues to help Sasha. Woods, Fisher, Bear Shadow and Crow Shadow each leave to search for women to help with their “problems” Shogun shows back up in New Orleans and it is a constant internal fight for Sasha between the two men. They discover who is using the dark magik against them, wars are started, fires burn, people are killed and there is another trial. Two people die in this book. Sir Rodney is able to have his Midsummer’s Night Ball but Sasha, Hunter and Sir Rodney now have new enemies. No word on the next book but let’s hope we hear something soon- I don’t like being left hanging!!!

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  1. Well of course you know I love Hunter.. But geez everybody and the father wanted Sasha in this book.. Why does hunter still have to fight for his love... He deserves better...