Thursday, January 7, 2010

L.A. Banks- Undead on Arrival (book 3)

This book picks up in New Orleans four weeks after the UCE Conference. The Vampires are not in control of the council any long- Hunter and Shogun co-lead the UCE Leader’s bench. The Vampires are out for revenge and things get dirty. Hunter is going through a BIG ordeal in his life and Sasha is standing by his side. Sasha learns even more about her past, things that she is having a hard time believing. Shogun is still sniffing around her and making it known that he still wants her. Something big happens to Hunter and Shogun but if I say what it is I will spoil so much. Sasha does a few things that are not good but she did them to save Hunter. Hunter is acting crazy and Sasha is having a hard time staying with him. Some team members of Sasha’s are in New Orleans working at Tulane to help Hunter. Bradley, Clarrisa and Winters now travel and go to where Sasha needs them the most. More paranormal creatures show up in this book, we meet Sir Rodney, fairies, more Werewolves and even more Vampires. The main vampire starting all the crap is Baron Geoff who owns a few strip clubs and casinos. After the change of council he had to pay heavy fines for his part in the demon-injected blood trading. So here we are again with me having lots to say but not able to say anything without spoiling so much!!!


  1. I loved anything in N.O .. and all the other creatures you meet in these books.. they have everything.. from dragons, vamps, elves , fairies everything.. and More Max Hunter... mmmmm HUNTER!

  2. You make it really hard to read with all the eye candy you place to the right side of the blog. Not that I think you should take it off. NO, no, no!!!!!
    My eyes just keep darting over, like they have a twitch or something. LOL!