Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lara Adrain- Kiss of Midnight (book 1)

Centuries ago a crash landing left a group of Breeds stranded on Earth. The Breeds, survived by taking the blood of humans without care. Killing out of control they raped women and murdered entire civilizations Through the years a few females conceived and gave birth to their (always male) off spring, the Gen One. Lucan Thorne, a Gen One of the Breed, knows that in order for humans and vampires to live the Ancients must die. A group of warriors are formed called, The Order. With Lucan as their leader, the Ancients are wiped out and a pledge is made by the group to protect humans as well as Breeds against Rogues. Rogues are vampires in bloodlust, overpowered by their need for blood and become out of control, like the Ancients. Behind Gabrielle Maxwell's ear a small birthmark sets her apart from most human females. A teardrop falling into a crescent moon places her high on a pedestal in the Breed World. She is known as a Breedmate. A rare woman that can bond by blood with a vampire and give birth to his sons. Each Breedmate has a special ability. Gabrielle's hidden talent (unknown to her) is to be drawn to where Breeds and Rogues are. As a professional photographer, she is drawn to photograph the dwellings of the other world. This ability also takes her to an alley where she witnesses a group of Rogues murdering a human. Now in the middle of it all, they are after her. Lucan steps in, to handle the situation and protect Gabrielle from the danger but finds he has a harder time handling his own need for her. She touches his very soul with feelings he has never known and never wanted The last thing he wants is a mate. He must focus only on his mission and being a warrior that his people need. The more he tries to get her out of his mind the more she creeps in. Gabrielle wants to fight the feelings too but finds she needs Lucan not only to save her life, but save her heart.

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