Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lara Adrian- Midright Rising (book 4)

Oh poor Rio, he has had so much trouble. In Lucan’s book he was hurt really bad in an explosion, they didn’t think he would live through it with all the wounds and head trauma. One side of his body and face are covered with horrible scars now. Come to find out it was his mate Eva that sold out the Order, she was responsible for the warriors being in the warehouse that night. She thought that if she had Lucan killed and Rio wounded he would leave the Order and be with just her. When her traitor ass was found out and he unannounced her she kills herself in front of him. After months of therapy he finally is able to go back on patrol to help the Order. The whole group (except Giedon) goes to Prague to search for the Ancient’s tomb. Once they find the cave that was the Ancient’s tomb and discover it empty they head back to Boston leaving Rio behind to destroy it. Rio stays for his own reasons, he wants to kill himself and stop his suffering. He feels guilty for what Eva did and thinks that the other members of the Order blame him. After five long months he is still living in the cave when a human woman, Dylan Alexander finds her way into the cave. Dylan is a Breedmate but she does not know what that means yet, she knows she has a birthmark plus she has a special ability that allows her to see dead people. The spirits talk to her but they can not hear her when she talks back to them. Dylan is led to the cave by Eva’s spirit, who asks her to “help him”. Dylan goes to the cave twice, on her second trip she takes pictures to send back to her boss at the rag tabloid newspaper she works for. Rio catches her and when she gets away from the cave her tracks her down. He then kidnaps Dylan and takes her to Berlin where he explains to her what she is and what he really is, then they fly back home to the US. Once back in Boston their feelings for each other start to blossom (even though doesn’t know why she would love someone that was all scared up) and he goes to New York with her with his orders from Lucan to wipe her memory plus everyone else’s that she has told about the caves. While home in NY she finds out her Mom is back in the hospital, she escapes Rio and goes to the hospital to see her in the Cancer Ward. Her Moms boss is very interested in Dylan and turns out to be the evil vampire that the Order is looking for now. Her Mom kills herself instead of telling him where Dylan is. He finds her anyway and he kidnaps her. Rio comes to save her and Dragos gets away again. She goes back to the Compound with Rio and they are mated for life now.

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