Monday, February 8, 2010

JR Ward- Lover Mine

Book 8- Black Dagger Brotherhood---Oh John Matthew!! I really enjoyed this book, loved the story, loved the love and the need that he carried with him while he was looking for Xhex. What I did not really care for is how the story was written and let me explain that- Wrath's story- the LOVE was there- the story was there- the HEAT was there and it was the same for the first maybe 5 books- Wrath, Rhage, Zsadist, Butch and Vishous- now their stories were flat out sexy! Even with the not so interesting Lesser parts to the books- you felt these warriors. I think it was with Phury and Rehv's book that things changed to more of a war like feeling, yes there was a love story in each of these books but not like the first ones. So what I am getting at is- WOW there was a lot of crap going on in this book- JM & Xhex, Qhuinn and Blay, Darius and is back story, the ghost story (seriously?), Lash and his seriously F'd up life and Payne & her problems- just a lot going on!!
JM and Xhex, to me they were meant to be together and the book explained so much more about their "real" connection. Their bond was so strong even with him not being able to speak them. Her learning sign language- awww so sweet. Him getting her name tattooed on his back when he thought he lost her forever- awww double sweetness!! I could feel the love between the two, I don't know I just wanted MORE, can't really explain it more than just MORE. Xhex's need to run and him knowing her need to run but to want her anyway was great, but what was even better was her finally owning up to the fact that he needed her just as much as she needed him. Ok the mating ceremony this is where the more comes into play- her whole day was flipped on its ass and she was just ho-hum lets go on and do it- What? Wait? I would need some explaining from two people- Hello No'One and Tohr??? He brings in the red dress and she just pops out news like that and they continue to get ready?? MORE??? Loved it when he signed for her while she was on the stairs- tear jerker!!
Ok Qhuinn and Blay- No I want them together, I want them as Brothers one day Mated- to each other!! Qhuinn acting like an ass and Blay just lost over him made this storyline even better. I did enjoy Blay going out with Sax and that he took care of Sax after he was beaten so badly. For Blay to open his eyes and realize that maybe Qhuinn was never going to be his and to do something for himself was a great moment but an even better moment was when Qhuinn woke up and realized what he probably lost. His best friend and the person he actually does love. I look forward to their book- bring on the man love!
Lash- ekk OMG what his body went through was so gross!! Ward stuck with him being bad from day one- there is no redeeming quality in that demon, even when he was just a vamp he was so ugly. What he did to Xhex was horrible and I think she should have tortured him a little before he ate the big one. We all know she has it in her to make them suffer- umm Hello she made that one dude gut himself first!!
Should I even go into the "ghost" story- saw it coming a mile away and I was kinda pissed with no closure in that storyline- she sees him on tv and thinks "wow he is still alive, umm ok I have things to do now" Really? No, where has he been all these years? No, Is he still nutso?? No, why didn't he try to find me?? Nothing!
Tohr and JM... FINALLY making up and becoming a family again- whew it is about time!!
Payne and Wrath fighting daily- good for them. Payne getting hurt- well I didn't see that coming as a way to get her to the other side. The entire "Brother Mine" and Sister scene was wonderful- yeah I cried! Those two working together are going to kick some serious ass.
Overall I really did like the book, I HATE waiting so long in between each book. The main thing for me that was lacking in this book were the actual Brothers- yes they made small appearances here and there but again I wanted MORE. More Zsadist- that is what I want more of- can never have too much of that vamp.
My Rating: 4.5


  1. There was to much going on in this book, in the end it took away from what the whole story was about. John and Xhex got ripped off!!! Every single time it started evolving the character and their feelings and the bond between these two, you got whiplash trying to follow into another area of the book. Did she write this while on a trampoline??? The story is here, then there, then around the corner, wait, up down, to the side, I am getting motion sickness. It was chopped into a million pieces. Then to top it off, after all this time and waiting, and reading, when they do become mated it was a total of maybe two pages. This was a big mistake. I personally felt as if Ward was tired of writing and just wanted to hurry up and get it done. In this respect the readers and character were cheated also. This scene had so much potential and should have been shared with the readers in depth. It didn't come full circle and didn't give the sensitivity, tenderness, or passion that I think Xhex had come to terms with . I am glad Xhex found her mother but it felt like it was no big deal. There needed to be a lot said between the two of them that wasn't even touched. Rehv should have been the one with Xhex waiting to make her intro down the stairs to John. He is the closest thing she has to family, and she loves him very much. There should have been some heartfelt words spoke between them before the ceremony. Rehv should have walked her down the stairs and given her away (and he would have with pride given the chance). As you stated, Ward's writing has changed since the first few books. I think she needs to look back at the love that was felt in some of those stories and get back to it. In a way I wonder if Ward is afraid readers are going to get bored with the one on one love story and that is why she had chosen to throw so many characters and extensions to the main theme.

  2. I agree with you on all of that- wouldn't it been great for him to walk her down the stairs or even meet her at the bottom and give her away to JM? I mean he was not even mentioned- the Shadow brothers where mentioned as being there but not Rehv.(Not that I remember) And to find out this is your Mom after 300 plus years then to have NO follow through- it's like so much was built up in the body of the story then rushed in the end to make it so many pages and to not go over that set amount of pages- that book alone could have had maybe 5 more chapters about JM & X and the Brothers and would have been a great book. There are other authors out there that have a lot of characters in their series but they continue with the same basic thoughts and stories- characters meet and fall in love and we read about the world around them and I think that was in this book but with way too much of the outside world thrown in. Like I said before I did like the story I just was expecting more and something different- take me back to Wrath and Zsadist- make me fall in love with the characters who are trying to fall in love!!

  3. Qhuinn and Blay.
    This story could be developed in such a wonderful way. It truly deserves its own book. I hope you are right, I would love to see them mated and Brothers. If done in the right way it would be an excellent way to expand forward. I hope what they share isn't shunned on the pages of the books to come. I think the characters could be developed in an extraordinary way that enrich and take this series to a while new plateau.

  4. Lash
    Something tells me we haven't seen the end of him. When Lessers are "popped" they go back to the Omega so I think (even though he isn't in good graces with Daddy) that he will return. We shall see. Lash adds a lot of hate and evil to the series that gives balance. We have to have the good with the bad, LOL, now I sound like the SV. If he does return, it wouldn't surprise me if he is stronger than he was before.
    The ghost story
    Not impressed. It just didn't fit into this story smoothly. It was one of the reasons the whole book didn't flow. It took away from the story, not pull it forward. When it came time for me to read the TV, ghost parts, I actually dreaded it and just wanted to skip it. UGH!!!
    Tohr and JM
    Here again, I wish there had been more in-depth conversation and healing words between them. This has been a deep wound and it has taken a long time for the two of them to get to this point. They need one another, together they have been through a lot.
    There are tons of unanswered questions about this tough female. I am with you on this one Hellion, ..didn't see it coming when she got hurt. This part of the book was GREAT. Intense surprises that make you not able to read fast enough is something needed once in a while. It will be interesting to see how Ward makes the love bug bite Payne in this next book. She has a lot of hostility and hurt inside of her. I hope we will come to understand and feel her emotions about all that she has been through in her past. This is a character that she could really bring forward and develop in the Brotherhood.

  5. By the way Hellion, I have to say, that picture of Zsadist makes it hard to type. OMG! Yummy

  6. I must be alone.. but the Ghost story wasnt so bad to me.. there had to be a way to bring him in there.. and he and Xhex kinda had closer she knew he didnt want her after he knew what she was.. so why trip because she saw him on t.v.. i'm sure after she was mated to Jm she would tell people.. but hes her past.. she cant get all excited about him when her future is waiting to mate her.. and No'one out of the blue i'm your mother everything is fine now.. was a bit much.. but then Xhex so happy to be free and loved.. why let any of that bring her down