Thursday, January 7, 2010

L.A. Banks- Never Cry Werewolf (book 5)

We pick right up from the last book in this one- Sasha is still in the military but having trouble straddling the fence between her two worlds. Me, my world would be wherever yummy Hunter was!! Shogun and Hunter are getting along now but Hunter still doesn't trust him and for good reason, his brother is in love with his mate and doesn't hold that info back- from anyone!. The vampires start working with the Ice Queen of the Unseelie fae to get their positions back in the UCE, so that means killing humans making it look like the wolves are doing it all. The vamps kidnap a young Asian-American woman for the "ghost" like spirit of Lady Jung Suk to take over, she uses witchcraft to posses the body. Sasha and her team are taken off paranormal detail in New Orleans and a new Colonel is brought in to prove to the world that there is nothing paranormal going on in New Orleans, but on his first mission down there his entire team is killed. Sasha tries to work with him but he refuses to let her be involved until it is almost too late for them all. A demon spirit from the other side has escaped and is taking over the bodies of people and killing humans. The green goopy slim tries to kill Silver Hawke and take over Hunter but with Sasha's help they kill it. Sasha comes out as her wolf to a group of soldier that will be helping her kill the main possed "thing". Colonel Madison accepts Sasha and Hunter when he realizes he is in way over his own head. Sasha, Hunter and Sir Rodney along with his people trap and kill Lady Jung Suk and save the woman. Shogun still loves Sasha but finally realizes that she is Hunter's true mate and once he returns the young lady to her family the father gives him the girl- must be a Chinese tradition to give your daughter away like that-WTH? But he def does have feelings for her anyway. So finally after all their troubles Hunter is wounded and close to death, Sir Rodney calls counsel and the vamps think they have everything sealed up but the young woman remembers everything from being possessed and tells the truth so the vamps lose again. Hunter is taken to Sir Rodney's castle and is healed when Sasha gives him part of spirit self. Finally in this book she opened her eyes to realize that she needs to pick a side and she fully picks...... read the book people!! I have to admit this was one of my favorites from this series so far- looking forward to the next one- hopefully more Sir Rodney!!
My Rating: 4.5

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  1. Sasha was a hard women to like.. But Hunter was my dream man come true.. so honest, so understanding, so Powerful, So Big, He will teach her how to love correctly