Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lara Adrian- Ashes of Midnight (book 6)

This book was better for me the second time I read it, I think the first time I read it so quickly I missed a few things. Ok to start with I really liked Andreas, we met him in Tegan’s book for the first time and I was hoping he would show back up. Andreas is a Breed male that is the leader of the Berlin Darkhaven, he’s pretty much a playboy that has no trouble with the women. For the past few years Andreas has been keeping company with a human female by the name of Helene, she owns a high class brothel in Berlin. One of her girls goes missing so she checks into it for Andreas but when she comes back with the name William Roth all hell breaks loose. Roth turns Helene into a Minion and sends her to Andreas with a team of swat like Breed males. They kill everyone in the Darkhaven but Andreas was out of town so when he came home he found his entire family dead with Helene waiting on him. She told him who sent her and then was killed. Each Breed male carries a special ability that they get from their human mother- Andreas’ is Pyrokinesis and he thought he had it under control for the last 30 years until he saw his family all murdered. His pyro goes out of control and he burns down his entire Darkahven, now everyone thinks he was there so they all think he is dead. One by one he kills off all the men that were involved in the murder saving Roth for last. Andreas and Roth are no strangers- thirty years ago Roth thought Andreas disrespected him so he set out to destroy Andreas. Roth is married to Claire, who was dating and in love with Andreas thirty years ago. Roth tried to kill Andreas and that was when his pyro first happened to him, so to save Claire he left and Roth swooped in to comfort Claire and they ended up getting married. For thirty years they only saw each other to exchange blood. Andreas finds Claire while he is looking for Roth- he shows up at her estate and kills her guards. She tries to run from him but discovers she knows who he is- while his pyro is on full he lights up in flames and can throw balls of fire. She helps him to her house and he heels but he does not realize that she is not with Roth as a bonded couple usually are. She does not believe what he says about her husband but soon realizes that Andreas is telling the truth about everything. Claire helps Andreas and the Order find Roth who they now know is working with Dragos. Andreas and Claire make it back to the US to search for Roth and Dragos, using her blood bond she is able to feel when she is close to Roth. With the help of a few other Breedmates they track down the underground lab where Roth is now hiding. Andreas goes all crazy pyro on everything and the warriors that are with him barely make it out alive before he blows the entire place up. He is so far gone with the pyro it takes Renata to mind zap him to calm him down. Once he comes back he and Claire move to her families’ estate in the US. The Order offers him a job but as of now I don’t know what his answer was- OK I know I rambled on and on with this book- so sorry!!! But I really did enjoy this story!!!!!!

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