Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lara Adrian- Kiss of Crimson (book 2)

Dante is part of the Order. The Order is tasked with seeking out Rogue vampires who are consumed with bloodlust and eliminating them in order to protect the human and vampire races. Dante despises the Rogues and isn’t sure if he prefers a female vein at his mouth or the feel of titanium-edged steel in his hand. Dante is out hunting Rogues when he comes upon a group of Darkhaven youth with a couple of human females. Darkhaven’s are the compounds that protect breed vampires. These youth are being attacked by a huge Rogue and when Dante let’s his titanium steel knife fly, the Rogue is not affected in the normal way. Dante gives chase to the Rogue and eventually is able to kill him. However, not without being shot by a sniper and injured severely. Dante makes it to a veterinary clinic where he comes face to face with Tess. Due to Dante’s injuries, he is forced to take blood from Tess, not realizing that she is a Breedmate (human females who are able to conceive Breed babies). Dante and Tess develop a bond that leads them through dangerous situations involving the drug “Crimson.” Tess’ boyfriend was tasked by a vampire seeking power with creating the drug and distributing it to the young vampire population. Dante discovers the truth about Tess’ boyfriend and due to his partial blood bond with Tess,he sets out to protect her from harm. Dante had no interest in taking a breedmate, but finds himself falling in love with Tess. Tess has the breedmate power (or sixth sense) that gives her the ability to heal. With Tess’ help the Order is able to put a stop to the Crimson manufacturing and distribution. Dante and Tess complete their bloodbond and become mated for life. (Blog posted by Hellion but written by Dark Shadow)

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