Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lara Adrian- Midnight Awakening (book 3)

What is it about these tall, mysterious men that drive me crazy??? Holy cow- I loved this book- Tegan is just unbelievably sexy to me. He reminds me of a few other characters from other series that I just adore. Ok, Tegan is a Gen-One vampire; he is one of the first generation vampires that came from the Ancients and a human woman known as a Breedmate. He was part of the select few Gen-Ones that were with Lucan when he formed the Order. He is a ruthless killer and a strong warrior that has a reputation for being heartless even to the other warriors in the Order. He had a Breedmate hundreds of years ago that was kidnapped and tortured then sent back to him and then finally killed. So Tegan has lots of reasons to be so closed off from the world.
Elise Chase is a Breedmate that lives in one of the Darkhavens in Boston; she is the widow of a Breed male that was killed by a Rogue five years ago. In the last book her son Cameron was killed after he got hooked on the drug Crimson and turned Rogue. So Elise left her home and went searching for the people or vampire that she thought had caused the death of her son. Tegan found her after she killed a Minion and was covered with blood. Every Breedmate has a special ability and hers is hearing the thoughts of everyone- humans and Breed alike, the downfall of this ability is that when she is out in public all the voices come to her at once causing massive migraines and nosebleeds. Tegan also has a similar ability but he has to touch the other person to be able to feel their emotions. Both of them fight hard not to fall in love, he is mean to her and says things to her that are inappropriate in front of the other warriors after he brings her back to the Compound. She uses him for his blood and bosses him around by using her late husbands influence. While she admits her feelings first it does not take long for him to come around and realize that he wants so much more in his life and the top priority is protecting her and telling her how he truly feels. But honestly in my opinion if I was her I would not have let the warrior out of my site after seeing him in the little tiny black swim trunks that he was wearing in the pool scene!!

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