Monday, February 8, 2010

Lara Adrian- Shades of Midnight (book 7)

Deep in the wilderness of Alaska there is something killing and sucking the blood of the locals. Alexandra Maguire is a young woman who flies her small plane to the remote areas delivering supplies. Alex happens upon a horrible scene where a family has been killed. Another local hears about the killings and puts it on the internet where Gideon finds it. The Order sends one of its newest members to Alaska to check out the scene and to see if it is a Rogue killing people in Alaska. Kade is the Breed Male that goes to see what is going on, he was born and raised in an Alaskan Darkhaven. Kade left home for his own personal reasons that he will have to face once he goes back. He gets into the small town of Harmony during a town meeting and see Alex for the first time, he hires her to take him to the murder sites. He keeps what he is from her but finds out there is more to Alex than meets the eye. She holds a few dark secrets of her own and might know more about the Breed than she is letting on. The members of the Order come to help Kade once they find out that there is a very powerful Breed male (they think it could be Dragos) controlling people and using an empty mine as a new lab. A few things get blown up, a few things get turned around and a few people get killed. I absolutely LOVED Kade- 6'5" dark black hair and grey eyes- jeez (again) what is there NOT to love about him and a plus he is a sensitive male- actually cares about others!! Sounds pretty close to perfect to me!!

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