Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lara Adrian- Veil of Midnight (book 5)

Nikolai, a ruthless warrior who loves his weapons is the main character in this book. The blonde haired warrior is always the first with a laugh; he loves to joke with the mated warriors about being whipped. He is sent to MontrĂ©al to search for an elusive Gen One Breed male to warn him of the Gen One murders that the Breed is investigating. While there asking around in the local clubs he notices a woman listening to his questions and when she leaves the clubs he goes after her only to be caught in a trap set by the Gen One and his guards. She is a Breedmate that works for Yukat, the local Gen One. Her name is Renata, since she is a Breedmate she has a special ability- hers is a psychic ability that when she uses it she is able to take down humans and Breed alike with only a thought. Niko does not know that she is being held against her will by Yukat, he thinks she is his blood bonded mate. Renata stays because of a young Breedmate named Mira, who if you look into her mirrored eyes you can see a small glimpse of your future. Yukat is murdered and Niko is accused of the murder, he is taken away by the Breed Law Enforcement Agency by a Breed male that is working with Dragos. Renata breaks him out and they work together to search for Mira, or that is what she thinks they are doing, Niko has his orders to find Dragos and all associates. Renata is shot and wounded so she drinks Niko’s blood to help her heal. They find Mira but Dragos and the others get away again. Renata and Niko complete their blood bonding and become mates with Mira living in the Order’s compound with them.

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