Monday, February 8, 2010

Lover Mine by J.R. Ward

Two men, two lives, together in one heart and soul. Reaching outward, before his eyes, the past struggles to draw near the present. The task seeming impossible to gap with the barrier of time. Reincarnated, as John Matthew, they share different, but mutual heartfelt love, for the one female, kidnapped by their enemy. Searching with furious desperation, John fears he will be to late and carries a irretrievable madness to avenge the beautiful female he yearns to hold in his arms.
Xhex, a symphath assassin, strong, inside and out, somehow endures her imprisonment and abuse. Surviving by a focus on an imperative need for vengeance against the soulless evil that tried to break her will, she escapes to hide until John franticly finds her close to death. Trying to deny her feelings for this vampire of high merit and worth, Xhex shields what she feels to spare John from her contorted dark side.
United in a quest, they search for the lesser that takes pride in his immoral viciousness. Bound with an agreement that a sentence of vindictive judgment will be conveyed, they will then part separate ways.
As their duration of time grows short, John acknowledges to himself that forcing love will not bring Xhex to open her heart, as his bonded mate. His love for her, so deep, that he know he has to let her go.
Intent plans fall into place, and as pursuit finds prey, Xhex faces it with the edge of a steel blade. Following through will bring closure, not just for justice, but for the love that she will now have to walk away from. Facing her biggest fear of all, Xhex must find not her physical strength and power, but her true emotional feelings that are locked away in her dungeons of hell.

My Rating (a low) 4 Stars


  1. I guess I am kinda slow LOL but was it every explained why X was able to get free- was it because Lash was changing and it made him weaker??
    Maybe if and when they let her into the Brotherhood she can get John Matthew tattooed across her back ooooo maybe Blay will finally get Qhuinn on his back- ahahahahahahah

  2. i think it was because she felt stronger after seeing Jm pain and the fact that lash was weaking from his change