Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Patricia Briggs- Blood Bound (book 2)

Mercy and Adam are still working together and now they have a sorcerer/vampire to hunt down. Mercy is friends with a local vampire named Stefan who owns a VW van that he had painted to look like the Mystery Machine (too cute). Mercy soon finds out that not all the vampires in town like having a Walker so close. In years past the vampires killed Walkers since their magic did not work on them. Stefan is in the seethe that is lead by the head vampire Marsilia. Stefan and Andre are two of the oldest and closet vampires that she has she is actually the maker of both vampires. Mercy and Stefan go to meet the sorcerer/vampire and he controls Stefan’s mind and feeds from Mercy while she is in coyote form. Mercy searches out the evil vampire to keep him from killing more innocent humans and to find out who is maker was. When Stefan, Ben (werewolf), Samuel and Adam go missing, Mercy has to team up with Andre to locate them. With a little fae magic Mercy is able to kill the sorcerer and free the others. When Mercy takes other matters into her own hands she has a whole lot of trouble coming her way. Samuel is living with Mercy but that has not stopped Adam from trying to claim what he thinks is his. Mercy must make a decision between the two males but picking one will hurt the other so what is she to do- follow her heart to an old love or follow it to a new and growing love that she feels but doesn’t completely understand?

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