Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Patricia Briggs- Bone Crossed (book 4)

Well guess who trouble found? Again!! Yep that would be Mercy. With her relationship finally starting and going slowly (which is the right way for her) Mercy thinks everything is going smoothly in her life until there is a knock at her front door (her Mom) and then Stefan “drops” out of thin air into her living room. Stefan is burned and almost dead- really dead this time. With Adam and the packs help Stefan recovers enough to tell them what had happened to him in the past few months since he had been missing. Surprises for Mercy are happening left and right in this book- a friend from college comes to find her after seeing the article in the paper about Mercy. Amber has a ghost problem and thinks Mercy can help her with getting it to leave her and her family alone. Everyone agrees to have Mercy leave town and go to Spokane while Marisla is looking to kill her. Stefan warns Mercy of the only vampire that lives in that area and he is one of the worst vampires out there. James Blackwood is an evil vampire that does not allow any other vampires into his area. Mercy goes to stay with Amber to see if she can help and who happens to be the dinner guest at Amber’s house- yep James Blackwood. With the ghost still haunting the family and Blackwood feeding off of everyone, Mercy calls for Stefan. Stefan tells Mercy it is time to go home- Blackwood has bonded himself to Mercy so Stefan feeds from her and feeds her his blood to override Blackwood’s bond but now she is bonded to Stefan. Once home Mercy explains things to Adam and Samuel- one wolf takes it a lot better than the other one. Mercy is kidnapped and taken back to Blackwood, while there she discovers what he really wants from her and who was controlling the ghost that were haunting Amber’s family. I really can’t say much else without giving away the ending so I will leave it with this- I am looking forward to the 5th book to see what kind of trouble finds Mercy and how she gets out of it.

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