Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Patricia Briggs- Iron Kissed (book 3)

Well love is still slowly blooming but is it with Samuel or Adam?? Mercy is still looking over her shoulder for the danger that she knows is coming but when her good friend and old boss is arrested for murder she puts her own life on hold to help prove his innocence. Zee and Uncle Mike use Mercy to help them track down the human or creature that has murdered seven faes from the Fae reservation that is close to them. She is tracked down and hunted by the Gray Lords (the heads of the Fae community) for sticking her nose into fae business. Samuel is still living in her guest room and working at the hospital in the ER department. During a folk music festival they meet Tim (a human) and Mercy recognizes his scent from the house of the man that Zee was accused of killing. He is in an organization that is against the Fae and invites Mercy to a local meeting. While there she discovers a fae in the mix, who then chases her home and tries to kill her. She gets away with the help of Adam and his pack. Tim learns that Samuel is not really her boyfriend and asks her to his place for dinner where he makes her drink from a magical goblet and she is forced to obey everything he tells her to do. Like I stated before- since she is a Walker most magic does not work on her but the magic is so strong from the Fae goblet is does work. Tim does horrible things to Mercy and everything is caught on tape. Adam tears Tim to pieces after Mercy killed him. Mercy is so traumatized that she stays in coyote form until Ben helps her and Adam both see the truth about the situation. Zee is freed and Mercy has a talk with both Samuel and Adam- she picks who she wants to be her mate- Finally!!

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