Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Patricia Briggs- Moon Called (book 1)

This series was recommended to my daughter from one of her friends so I thought I might give it a try- the main female character is Mercedes “Mercy” Thompson. Mercy is a “walker” which means that she is a shape shifter and that most magic does not affect her. Mercy can only shift into the form of a coyote. Her mother is human but her father (who she never knew) was a Native American Indian who she received her gift from. Her human mother could not handle her so she sent her to live with a distant family member who happened to be a werewolf. Mercy was raised in the North American pack that is lead by Bran the main Alpha werewolf for all of North America. While living in the pack she falls in love with Bran’s son Samuel, who asks her to run away with him so they can be together. She leaves the pack when she is 16 years old due to Bran’s urging and moves in with her mother and new family. After college Mercy moves and meets an older man named Zee who gives her a job as a mechanic. Otherworld creatures start coming out to the public and Mercy learns that her boss is part of the Fae community- not everyone is happy about the Faes coming out so Zee sales the shop to Mercy and he retires. Since Mercy is a Walker/coyote her sense of smell is better than humans and she can smell other beings- she has friends that are ghost, faes (which are not always fairies) and vampires. The Alpha male in her town is Adam, who built his house on the property behind Mercy’s trailer. Adam is hard on Mercy since she is female and not a werewolf. Things happen in this story that brings Adam and Mercy closer so they can work together. With all the trouble surrounding Mercy, Bran sends Samuel to watch over her and to protect her. Having two very dominate males watching over her and both vying for her love and attention Mercy has her hands full. Mercy likes being an independent woman but knows she needs the protection that a pack can offer but knows she will probably never be fully welcomed into the pack even if Adam states that she is his mate. Mercy finds out that not all humans or werewolves can be trusted or even around you without being dangerous.

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