Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Patricia Briggs- Silver Borne (book 5)

Trouble found Mercy; she didn’t even have to go looking for it. The Fae are after her in this book, she has something the Fae Winter Queen wants and she is willing to kill anyone or anything to get it. This book held my attention for two solid nights, I could not put it down, the bags under my eyes were horrible. Mercy and Adam are still together but they are “dating” for the sake of the pack. Mercy knows that most of them do not accept her as Adam’s mate and second in command so she is willing to do what she can to keep the peace for right now. During one of their dates, someone gets into her mind just to put doubt in there about her relationship with Adam. Since Adam claimed her she is linked to him plus his pack so they did not have trouble slipping in to put in the doubt. She tries to hide it from Adam but he knows something is wrong with her so she explains what is going on but during this time a TV reality show invades her garage looking for Adam saying there is a bounty on his head. Once they figure out that the Fae are behind it even more trouble has unfolded for Mercy. Phin, who in a previous book loaned her a book about the Fae, has turned up missing. The evil Queen kidnaps Gabriel and with the help of Zee, Phin’s Grandmother, Samuel, and Mercy they go to rescue him- oh and she also takes along Adam’s daughter, Jessica. I’m jumping around a little here but while they were out on their date, Samuel did something that was so out of character for him that by the time Mercy got to him his Wolf was barely hanging on to his human form. Once he was home safe he retreated to his Wolf form and stayed there. The Fae burned down Mercy’s home while some of the pack was on watch; they did not tell Adam she was not in there so he went in after her, Adam and Ben were burned very badly but the kicker to all of that was that a member or two took this time to challenge him for Pack Leader. There was a fight and someone won but I’m not telling who- you will have to read for yourself- it’s good too!! Samuel's life is starting to look up towards the end of this book, I so want him to be happy- he needs it!! So, I did not like how this book ended, no lie I actually turned my Kindle over looking for the next page (like it ate it or something) then when I could not go any further in the book I went to B&N to pick up the book to read the ending- YEP that is how it ended- not really hanging more like just ENDED!! I checked the website and yes there is another book- Thank goodness because I was not a happy camper!!
My rating: 4.5 Stars (except for the ending)

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