Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sherrilyn Kenyon- Dance with the Devil

Cold, desolate, isolated, for 900 years is the way he has lived banished to Alaska.The end to his mortal life, and the vengeance bartered for his soul with the Goddess Artemis are deeply concealed secrets. Now exiled by his own kind, Zarek fears the accusations he is accused of, may in truth be an act of insanity. As a Dark Hunter, to fail the code demanded by Artemis, is death. Defending the human race from a breed of the night above all is the law. Crossing the line has no alternative but punishment. Yet the events of that hopeless night remain unclear.
Carrying conviction that no goodness thrives within mankind, she feels burdened trying to find faith and precious honesty within. Turning her back, Astrid feels the virtuous emotions of her youth fading into memories. The youngest of the Fates, and a nymph of Justice, she has never been able to grant a judgment of innocence to any man. Reluctantly, Astrid again consents to judge yet another man with all odds stacked against him. As she embarks to evaluate his measure of worth, Astrid yields her sight in a quest to bestow an unbiased verdict. In the end her eyes are not required to heed the true man that Zarek is. She can plainly see him with her heart,and knows without a doubt he is a man of great worthiness and love. Together they search for the hidden keys to unlock his innocence, and in the process, they find the keys to one another's hearts. (Written by Wickedh)

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  1. Zarek's book made me cry- poor thing was just misunderstood all the way around- he was so alone and angry. It was like he just never got a break- bad luck seemed to follow him every where. Finding someone to love him for HIM was the best HEA!!