Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sherrilyn Kenyon- Fantasy Lover

Two lives born centuries apart, grasp together a moment in time, by random fate. Thirty days is all they possess. In the conclusion of those final seconds their hearts are changed for eternity. Grace, a professional counselor, for all to see, has her feet on the ground. Durable, secure, solid, and stable are the words that the shield she holds in front of her are made of. Only her best friend, Selena, perceives the truth. Inside Grace is lonely and afraid of reality and what the future holds. Closing her eyes, she conceals herself from the world by wrapping in a shroud of untouchable emotions. The grief Grace carries for her deceased parents is distressing. The devoted love they shared, is a dream she will never experience . Used by a man in the past, the scars hold an intense pain that never leaves her and keep her humbled in believing she must never reach out. Cursed by the Gods, Julian of Macedon, hides, suspended in the pages of an ancient book only to be released as a love slave when summoned. His life for centuries is an endless pit of wretched darkness, and agonizing cruelty. His only purpose has been to please and be used by others, never asking for help but accepting his doom in silence. Astonished by Grace's understanding kindness, Julian longs for Grace to see him as man, not a cursed slave. Opening his vulnerable feeling to her, Julian in turn craves for Grace to see the beautiful woman that he yearns to take into his heart as his own. (Written by Wickedh)

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  1. It's been a long time since I read this book but what I do remember is that I would not have waited 30 days to jump his bones!!