Monday, March 15, 2010

Sherrilyn Kenyon- Night Embrace

Long ago he was born the son of a Druid Priest, and a Celtic Queen. Life was cruel and brutal for this lethal warrior that led his people above all. Bestowing everything to his tribe, he was betrayed by all that made him cry out for vengeance as he witnessed his beloved sister's death before his mournful eyes. In that moment of hate, Talon of the Morrigantes, delivers his soul to the hands of Artemis for reprisal. Now, for centuries, he pays the price, as he prevails over the city of New Orleans as a Dark Hunter in the dead of night. From the shadows he declares an oath and guards over humans who are prey to the evils in darkness, he shields their lives and souls from creatures waiting in the cracks of wretchedness. Fearing nothing but his own needs and feelings, Talon banishes any emotion. Forcing them all beyond his reach, the Gods have cursed him, and Talon knows death will come to anyone he loves.   Sunshine Runningwolf, a five nine black haired beauty, isn't afraid of life and the unique way she lives it. Eccentric, freewilled, stubborn, and forgetful, Sunshine expresses herself through her talented hands as an artist. Flitting through life in her pink world, Sunshine becomes spellbound by the mysterious man that rescues her life and unruly heart.  Together they struggled against each other and toiled to reel away their drawn affections toward one another by fighting fate. Together they now struggle to achieve the answers they need to find a world where they may unite their love. Battling not one, but two worlds, Talon and Sunshine strive to combat the elements blocking the devotion their hearts hold for one another, through eternity. (Written by Wickedh)

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  1. Besides Ash I think Talon is my favorite book in the series. He was just funny- come on a pet gator- that is funny! To me his love for Sunshine showed more than the others- it was almost like he was willing to put himself out there for her no matter what.