Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sherrilyn Kenyon- Night Pleasures

For the beautiful woman he loved, this prince gave up all, and turned his back on his family, his people. No sacrifice was to immense, not even his life. Twisted fate, and the ultimate betrayal by his beloved wife thrust Kyrian of Thrace, to the nest of his Roman enemies. With his death came a cry for vengeance to the Greek Goddess, Artemis. His petition, granted, for a price, Kyrian now walks the earth as a soulless warrior. For two thousand years he has been devoted to the protection of mortals from the evil in the shadows of this world as a Dark Hunter.
Amanda Devereaux stays camouflaged behind a unfaltering stable life as an accountant. Coming from not only a family of eight sisters, she shuns the extraordinary psychic powers imbedded within them all. As her staunch existence crumbles, the chronicles of predestination will not be denied. Sensibility must comply to banishment as Amanda finds her course stumbles into an expedition of beliefs her mind forcefully obstructs.
Now they bind forces to win a single battle in a ruthless war. Together their power and strength release a bond of energy that deliver a relentless love to their hearts. Afraid to trust again, Amanda struggles to gain Kyrian's trust while in her heart she pledges to rescue his soul. Daring to hope, this Dark Hunter must face the fears of his memories to see the face of the future.
(Written by Wickedh)

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