Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sherrilyn Kenyon- Sins of the Night

At the moment that a betrayed human takes their last gasp for breath, sometimes there is such hurt, hatred and need for vengeance that the emotions beg for one last drop of hope to gain revenge with a cry to the one Goddess that can grant this request, for a price. For their soul and sworn allegiance as a servant to the Goddess Artemis, one act of vindictiveness is bestowed to what is now born as a Dark Hunter. Becoming creatures of the night, they walk among humans, protecting them above all and searching for the one enemy that mankind doesn't even know exist. The line must be walked, and if it is strayed, then the end will come to their door, for the right hand of their leader will tolerate nothing but true loyalty. This is when Alexion, the known executioner is called. Dangereuse St. Richard has listened to what the rogue Dark Hunter have to say. With a good head on her shoulders, she is not influenced and persuades Alexion to try and see the good in the doubted Dark Hunters before condemning then forever. With only a few short days together they are able to save most of the uncertain while their hearts merge into a love that can never be. As the end nears and they struggle to rescue their brothers in jeopardy a sword slices the heart of the one true love Alexion has ever known. In those final moments of her life, Danger regrets nothing and feels blessed to have shown Alexion to always look for hope, even when you feel there is none. (written by Wickedh)
My Rating: 3

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