Monday, March 15, 2010

Sherrilyn Kenyon- Kiss of the Night

Deception, without being granted the one act of vengeance, Wulf Tryggvasen is impelled to the Dark Hunter world. Bound as shield to mankind, this barbarous Viking warrior stands as a strength to camouflage the exposure of a menace race that can only survive by the death of humans. Taking their souls, Daimons, prolong their existence, cheating the curse as an Appolite that they must perish, in torment, at the age of 27.  The blood link and the last direct living bond to the ancient God, Cassandra Peters, carried fate on her shoulders. Half Appollite, Cassandra searches for reliable truth and knowledge as she lives in exile from what she fears most. Myth proclaims she is a delicate flame that if extinguished, the curse will be lifted that bind the immortal Daimons to the night. Free to roam the earth, the sun will parish with the God Apollo. The world as all know it will be devoured into a void of nothingness. Sworn enemies throughout their lives, joining forces seems an unrealistic and unachievable feat. Destiny yet has determined that they must, with no alternative. Together Wulf and Cassandra battle against evil as together they come to understand each other's world. Contradicting reason, their hearts draw them to an understanding that the forbidden love they feel must not be renounced but affirmed with the approaching birth of a child conceived in a dream ..or was it? (Written by Wickedh)

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