Friday, March 26, 2010

Sherrilyn Kenyon- Night Play

Tourists line the streets of New Orleans, always enjoying the history, shops and bountiful festivities that encircle them. Oblivious of the countless civilizations that intertwine with their life, very few ever know the truth of the various beings that live a fantasy, yet real world. Were-Hunters walk amongst all, in a human form, shape-shifting from their dominant animal origin. Keeping two identities while sharing two different world. Tall, handsome, eye catching, Vane Kattalakis, walks with the stride of a preying animal. Always auditing surrounding movement, Vane regards danger as a certainty, with occurrence at any moment. Born a wolf to the Katagaria , his immense powers are strong, as he contends for the right to life and survival as a Were-Hunter. A good head on her shoulders, Bride McTiemey, an attractive independent boutique owner in the French Quarter cries with a discarded broken heart and no self-esteem concerning her size 18 appearance. Craving a desire to be excepted, and cherished for what she is, seems a illusional dream that will never be claimed. Walking into her store, Vane can not resist the driving force he feels for Bride, overtaking his very soul. He perceives the fact he shouldn't pursue a human to accept his world, but stopping is impossible, for even though he comes from a magical world, the enchantment Bride brings to his heart is a spell that can not be broken (written by Wickedh)
My Rating: 4.5 Stars


  1. OHHHH Vane, my absolute favourite hunter book (tied with acheron) i heart it so much, i wants me a vane too.

  2. Vane is one of my Favs.. and who wouldnt love a man that loves his women to be more then a Bone.. he loves Meat baby!