Monday, March 29, 2010

Sherrilyn Kenyon- Seize the Night

A successful Roman General and the son of a feared Roman Senator, Valerius Magnus is despised in life and in death. Radiating an obnoxious refinement, proclaimed by the arrogant attitude he displays, conveys a false that no one knows is to mask the pain he carries. Willing forfeiting his soul for one act of vengeance, Valerius now prowls the night as a Dark Hunter in search of Daimons, that stalk humans souls to prolong their life. Forbidding anything to touch his emotional consciousness, he believes solitude a just punishment he deserves and accepts. Headstrong, sassy, imprudent, and fiery are only a few characteristics that decipher the, live life to the fullest attitude that this wild vampire slayer of New Orleans claims. Tabitha Devereaux has earned a unique respect for the unrealistic undertaking to execute Daimon vampires of the dark. Unforeseen events whirl these two people together and pivot their worlds upside down. Nothing is in their favor, everything desires to imprison them apart, yet their fragile hearts draw them into discovering an everlasting feeling that is interminable. With an invincible evil summoned to destroy not only Tabitha but powerful member of her endeared family, Valerius and Tabitha combine as one to contest the hungering inclination summoned to assassinate from the dark side. (written by Wickedh)
My rating: 4 stars

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  1. I really liked Val once he got his on book.. and pulled the stick alittle bit out of his butt... lmao