Sunday, June 1, 2014

Acheron - Sherrilyn Kenyon

Son of the Atlantean gods, Archon and Apollymi, a decree by the Fates curse him even before his birth. Desperation forges his mother to conceal him from all that demanded to solicit his immediate death. Foretold this child will be the source of total destruction for the Atlantean pantheon, with powers binded, he is placed in the human realm for protection. Away for all eyes, even his own beloved mother's broken heart, knows not what Acheron must endure as his life unfolds. Placed in the womb of an unsuspecting pregnant queen, twins were brought forth to be raised as heirs to the kingdom's throne. Yet at first sight there was no denying the swirling silver eyes that Acheron held were not that of a mere human male. Hated and abused, grueling suffrage crushed him into submission by the hands of his own mortal family. Even the one woman that held his heart turned her back and refused to help as she watched him put to death at the tender age of 21. Death comes with a price, and Acheron's was to be the destruction of the world. Against his will, he was returned to live the life he was meant to have, as a god. With a heart satiated with compassion, Acheron protects the human race, as he leads his warriors, the Dark Hunters, through the night. Never forgetting his past he presses on to make a better future for the realms he walks amongst.
As an archaeologist, Dr. Soteria (Tory) Kafieri wants nothing more that to redeem her father's name and prove that his beliefs of Atlantis were factual. Knowing that this time she is on the right track, she tries to show the world the true Atlantis for the first time. With the diary of Ryssa in her hands little does she know that the words on the pages hold the past that Acheron fears will be reveled. If his weaknesses are displayed for all to examine, his death could be the falling of the world as we know it. As the words speak the forbidden truth, Tory learns the man before her is not what she speculated. For the first time she witnesses the genuine Acheron hidden from the world. Behind the thick black armor is a soul of kindness and mercy, worthy only of ultimate respect. Now Tory must make the definitive choice. The answers to the road ahead are held in the palms of her hands. All of her life she has fought for the moment to prove her father accurate and exhibit the discovery of Atlantis. All of her life she has waited for a man that could unlock her heart and sate it with the discovery of pure love and affection. Closing her eyes, Tory apprehends and perceives the answer that no matter what
she decides, her heart will be broken.

My rating: 5 BIG STARS!
This is the first time I have ever added a personal note to one of my reviews. When I sat down to write about this story, I really had trouble. No words seem to fit the depth of feelings and emotions that come from reading about this character. First starting the Dark Hunter series, Immortal Hellion convinced me that I should go in order. It was hard at times, but now I am glad that I took her advise. By the time I got to Acheron, there was just enough background that my mind was begging for more. So many unanswered questions, so many dark and shadowed points, that can drive a person to insanity if the truth isn't revealed. Without a doubt, this is by far one of the best characters I have ever read about.

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  1. This book took me on such a huge roller coaster ride of emotions- my first mistake with this book was to read it at the airport- yes I am the person that gets there two hours early and sits down to read for the entire time waiting on the flight. Second mistake- reading on the plane. So let me explain my I am saying reading was at least two mistakes- I cried so hard, laughed some and then cried again while reading this book and people were actually getting up and moving away from me in the airport- my own child had to tell me to calm down or put the book away (hahaha), she did not even want to sit next to me on the plane because of my crying. I LOVED Ash from the beginning, he was always so much more of "everything" and so much of a secret that I wanted more of him. My meaning to everything is, he was always there- he was there for his Dark Hunters, for humans and expecially for Simi. What he went through and how he was treated I don't think I have ever read about a character that deserved more of a fantastic HEA. I think Acheron was the best thing SK ever wrote and Ash is by far my favorite character of all time. His book will remain in my top five greatest/favorites forever. I have to agree with Wickedh in my rating: 5++++ BIG STARS