Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dream Chaser - Sherrilyn Kenyon

Punishment by the gods cast him to an eternity in the depths of the dungeons of Hades, known as Tartarus. A sentence passed to a demon god of the dream world that was tricked by the woman that he thought, held his heart. For centuries through the afflicted pain of the whip, and the anguished tortures of bitter suffering, Xypher stayed focused on the one act of vengeance he desires to execute. Determined to carry out this deed, Xypher barters a trade to allow him one month in the human realm. Now with unalterable rage, his will to destroy the one accountable becomes a fire in his wretched soul.
Simone Dubois feels and knows things that the average human doesn't. Her sixth scene gives her the psychic power to understand beyond the human eye. For the city of New Orleans she tries to find the answers that help the police as a medical examiner. Finding clues to piece together draws Simone to where an evil Dimme demon has been, and where Xypher also hunts for his wanted target of vindictiveness.
Shackled with different intentional destinations, what they find isn't what they hoped, but exceeds all expectations. Their futures turn to understand and cherish a purpose they believed impossible to a achieve. A journey sated with love and sacrifice is something neither wanted, yet both clung to with a dying breath. The ultimate gift, a life, a soul, for the one that fills your heart with warmth and emotion of devoted love is a small price to pay in the end.
My rating : 4 stars

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